Bare Boughs

Sunday Stroll





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7 responses to “Bare Boughs

  1. Kind of barren and sad looking outside, isn’t it? I think we need some SNOW to brighten things up a bit!
    Just LOVE that red birdhouse gourd!

  2. Did you make the birdhouse? I have been thinking of making birdfeed garland for the holidays. If you have birdhouse ideas, I’d love to hear them. =)

  3. It definitely looks like November there. Love the red birdhouse.

  4. The gourd birdhouse is lovely!
    Has it had occupants?

  5. Good old November, definately the grayest month. I do think trees can be beautiful when they are bare, though, in a stark sort of way.

  6. Hi all, The birdhouse gourd was a gift from my Aunt Dot. She grows them, dries them, then turns them into birdhouses.

  7. Love the gourd birdhouse. I meant to try making one this year and just never did. Super cool.

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