Stairbuilder’s Stairs

The old saying goes that the cobbler’s kids have no shoes.  And the stairbuilder’s house has no balusters or railing… Until NOW!  Ed finished up the stairs over the weekend, installing all of the balusters and putting the railing back on.  Now, when I say finished, it’s like saying our house is finished.  Meaning, it’s not.  Ed still has some trim to put on them and something else but I can’t remember what it is (I guess I wasn’t really listening).


Being that Ed’s a stairbuilder, he wanted the stairs to be an impressive part of our house.  He didn’t decide to do elliptical or spiral stairs like for his clients because we’re not that kind of fancy people. 


Instead, we opted for a classy, traditional staircase with square paneled posts, spiral balusters that we designed, and black walnut railings. 


The railings are curved, which give them a fancy look that’s reminiscent of a saddle.


I’m under strict instructions not to decorate the stairs with garlands this Christmas, since sap will get on the balusters, posts and railings, but I am going to put a big bow on each post and some white lights around the railings.

I’m thankful to have such a talented husband!


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4 responses to “Stairbuilder’s Stairs

  1. That’s a work of art, Abbie. Ed is an amazing craftsman!

  2. Mom


  3. Marie

    Exquisite job, the apple does not fall far from the tree, so they say.
    Mom Marie xo

  4. Oh Lord, these are BEAUTIFUL! Your husband is amazing!!

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