Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Setting up my Christmas Village on the day after Thanksgiving has become tradition.  This year, I have two separate villages, one on the mantel and one on the “bird’s eye” maple table that Ed built for me. 

When Ed and I got engaged, my Auntie Di gave us a church to get our village started, complete with a bride and groom.  Over the years, the village has gotten bigger and bigger, mostly through gifts.  As I set it up, I like to think about who gave each item to us: the greenhouse from our friends Alicia and Vinny, wedding presents from Auntie Di, a little woodworking shop from Ed’s mom, a Santa from Ed’s grandmother, a windmill from my grandmother, and a barn that my mom gave me last year.  I love all the pieces, but I especially love the lighthouse that was a gift from Ed (although I know his mom really picked it out!), complete with a rotating beacon.


So far this year the only additions to the village are a snow blanket that lights up, a little John Deere tractor and fawns that I’ve named Apple and Pumpkin.  But who knows, someone might just give me another piece this Christmas or I might buy something on sale after the holidays are over.


I can’t explain why I like Christmas Villages so much, but it’s probably because they put me in the Christmas spirit.  I love setting it up and getting everything just right, from hiding deer in the trees to placing the mirror-pond in just the right spot.  I also set up my Christmas candles in the windows today, and the combination of them and the village gives such a pretty glow in the house.  I still  have lots of decorating to do, but setting up the Christmas Village is my official start of the season.

What do you do to get yourself in the spirit of the season?



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5 responses to “Christmas Village

  1. I just LOVE the way the village looks on your newly-finished mantel!

    I also like to change gears from Thanksgiving to Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. Of course we enjoyed traditional Thanksgiving leftovers, but I also transformed our diningroom from one holiday to the next, removing the autumnal tablecloth, cornucopia, gourds, etc., to make way for a scarlet table covering, complete with snowmen, Christmas candles, and even a small “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.

    I also couldn’t resist putting up a few white lights outside, plugging in the traditional star atop the poolhouse, and I even ventured into the stores on this crazy day for a bit of gift shopping. Still lots to do, but these few quick changes help me feel in the spirit of the season. (I already had white candles in the windows, lights on the palm tree, and a kissing ball hanging outside, which I just love!)

    Enjoy Christmas and all its goodness in your lovely home!

  2. lights. I love christmas lights. We don’t do any ourselves, but I like to wander around the neighborhood and see what others have done.

  3. I have a friend that has a village like that, and I always love looking at it at her house!

    We won’t set up our tree until next week. Unfortunately, we’ve had to go with a fake one these last few years, after discovering how allergic I am to real ones. We will also hang some garland around the picture window. Because I am a musician, I collect Herald Angels (not the cute little putti type angels, but the magnificent ones with musical instruments). Those go across the top of the piano.

    For me, though, I begin to get in the Christmas spirit in early November when my choir starts rehearsing the music we will do during Advent. There is tons of preparation with instrumentalists, soloists, drama, coordinating with the pastor on the themes, etc. It’s not really work for me; I love it.

  4. Rob

    I put up Christmas Lights! I love christmas lights, so last year I invested in three strings of LED lights- only 4 watts a string! ANd I found I only needed one string to put on my house! I also have a village, a dickins Village that we have had in my family for years, it folled a village made of cardboard house and I suspect abestos paint. We have always had a village on our mantels.

  5. Derrick

    I too do a big Christmas Village every year. Check out my pictures at:


    I have done 3 displays inside an 8 ft Christmas tree which were very popular on my site as I have already ad more than 7000 hits.

    I hope you will pick up some good ideas.


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