Politics, Law and The Environment

My take-home final and my final presentation were due tonight for my “Political and Legal Perspectives in Environmental Education” class.  I signed up for the course because I felt like I needed a better background in environmental law.  I have learned quite a bit, from the evolution and intent of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to political issues involving trading carbon credits and environmental court battles.  Learning about the legal system and federal environmental laws was what I was looking for, but I got so much more than I expected.

We were required to attend a local meeting about an environmental issue and write a paper about it.  We were also required to do a final project about local environmental issues and their effects on the local elections.  The topic I chose for my presentation was preservation of open space.  In doing the research, I spoke to my local officials and did research on the history of open space in my own town.  I really got to know the politicians’ views on the environment, and I felt that I was truly an educated voter in this election.  In case you’re interested in the preservation of open space in my town, I’ve uploaded my final-project.  Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t take a look!

I now realize the importance of being involved in politics.  I’ve never been interested in politics much before, but I now see that if I care about the environment, I can’t not be involved.  I need to voice my opinions to my representives and educate myself about their viewpoints.  I know that becoming more active in my own town’s politics will enable me to help make the changes I want to see, and preserve what needs to be preserved.  I think that most of the people in the class with me feel the same way now.

I made sure to tell my professor how much I have enjoyed her course, because as a teacher, I know how nice that is to hear.



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4 responses to “Politics, Law and The Environment

  1. Abbie,
    I especially like that photo of Lake Gaillard on your opening slide. I’m so glad to see what an interest you have taken in the town you grew up in, especially now that you’re a homeowner and taxpayer. It’s also interesting to note that your father was on the Town Council for many years and has supported the acquisition of open space in town. So glad to see that the next generation is taking an interest! The picture of Rosa DiLauro with the farm equipment is with another farmer in town–the one that we usually got a new lamb from each spring! Great presentation!

  2. Your course sounds awesome (as in, I would love to sit in a course that discusses environmental policy). The E.P.A. confuses and yes disturbs me at times and I’d love to understand why they make the choices they do (though I suspect it has to do with a lack of funding and thus well funded research). On another note, I suspect that you would make a fine political activist for the environment. If you ever get the ache, give me a ring and we can join up with protesters downtown. Hee, hee. =) What I love to in my spare time . . . make traffic! =)

  3. Jon

    we get a new lamb every spring??

  4. I think you are right. Eventually, the road to a cleaner planet leads to politics. And it’s amazing how powerful a chorus of voices can be in politics as so few people do get involved.

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