Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap at Farmer’s Daughter!


‘Tis the season to be baking! I’ve decided to hold a Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap here at Farmer’s Daughter.  We are all part of a wonderful blogging community, a wealth of information is available on all different topics, so when I was thinking about Christmas cookies, I started wondering about what kinds of cookies you all will be making.  Laura will probably make something elegant, Michelle a.k.a. Green Bean will probably get help from her boys, I imagine Joyce making angels or music notes, and I can see Jena‘s dogs sneaking bites of her cookies.

So, if you’d like to participate, just write a post that includes a cookie recipe any time between now and Christmas.  Leave me a comment and I’ll put your name and recipe in the side bar so we can all try it! You can post as many recipes as you’d like.  Please spread the word by adding the button to your side bar! If you don’t have a blog, you can still participate by emailing me your recipe, and I’ll post it here.  Don’t worry, I’ll give you credit for it!

I hope you all submit a lot of recipes so I can try them! I’ll post my first recipe tomorrow!

Oh, and to add even more to the spirit of the season, check out the extreme giveaway over at Musings of an Everyday Woman.


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17 responses to “Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap at Farmer’s Daughter!

  1. Wonderful idea. I used to be quite the baker but, you are right, I now mostly bake with the boys which means important ingredients like sugar are often left out. That said, we were just discussing tonight that we’ll need to make some gingerbread men as well as a favorite from my childhood. Stay tuned. . .

  2. Great idea, Ab! I’m now sifting through my favorite recipes to come up with the perfect one to share. . . Snowballs or Cherry Dainties? I’ll get back to you.
    Thanks, also, for the mention of the holiday giveaway over at Everydaywoman!

  3. Sounds delicious! My first post is up!

  4. MOM and GB- I expect to see recipes from you soon!!!

    Jena and Heather- Thanks for the recipes! They’ve been added to the sidebar.

  5. Hey Abbie! Those Snowball cookies look fabulous! I finally posted the recipes from my youngest daughter’s cookie party so thought I’d share. I’m all baked out… could you pop a couple of those snowballs in the mail and send them down to Virginia??

  6. This idea is so great I wish I’d thought of it myself! I’ll be posting a couple family favorite recipes next week!

  7. Rob

    Hey Abbie- great idea. ‘Cepting everyone is suppose to send me cookies, not me making everyone’s recipe:P

    Anyway- I posted my recipes for Krumkake and potato sausage. I should post one making sugar free Peanut brittle

  8. IB Mommy- Thanks for the recipes!

    Donna- Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

    Rob- Thanks for the Krumkake and I’d love to see the peanut brittle, too.

  9. Hi, Abbie,
    I’ve posted a recipe on my blog for Buckeyes.

  10. Rob

    I posted my recipe for No Bake Sugar free chocolate Cheesecake ballsCheesecake taste and no sugar! And no baking!

  11. FINALLY… my posts are up!!!

  12. Abbie,
    I’ve FINALLY posted some favorite Christmas Cookie (and other) recipes over at Everydaywoman. Please add me to your list and check it out at:


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  14. Okay here is my contribution:

    Alison’s Dairy Free “Butter” Cookies

    Next year maybe I’ll have to organize a “live” cookie swap, but this is still a lot of fun!

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