Cute, Flirty Homemade Apron


After I made my apron back in the spring, Marie told me that she would like one similar.  I made this for her for Christmas, in her favorite colors.  I really like this apron because it is so cute and flirty, not at all matronly like most aprons.  If you want to make your own, you can buy the pattern from Sew Liberated (called “Montessori by Hand” back when I purchased the pattern).



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10 responses to “Cute, Flirty Homemade Apron

  1. Very cute, Marie! It’s certainly not our grandmother’s apron . . . you’ve come a long way, baby!

  2. Oooh! I almost bought that pattern a few months ago but thought that maybe I should have some better sewing skills before embarking on one!

    Yours looks great. I’m only just a little bit jealous!

  3. Great job! That’s really cute!

  4. Mom- I agree, it is cute.

    Crunchy- You only need simple sewing skills… if you can use a sewing machine you’ll be fine. I’ve made two of them now and I hope to make more for other women in my family.

    Heather- Thanks!

  5. Aptly timed post! I fabric on clearance this afternoon (cheap and made in the USA). I’ve been wanting a retro black and white apron for a few years (since I saw a spendy one in a store), but had yet to come across the right fabric or pattern! The pattern you used, while darling in the above pictures, is not a perfect match for my fabric, but I think I found the perfect one over at Sew Liberated, so thanks for sharing the link!

  6. Very cute! Perfect timing for me because I finally got my own sewing machine for Christmas. I told hubby not to expect many sewing projects until chicks & seeds are all ordered but come February I think I’ll look this one up again.

  7. Marie

    Hi Abbie
    Hope you are feeling better!!!!! How cute is this picture! I love my apron, I love the colors and the polka dots and I love the style, thank you soo much!!!! I made the blog, I feel so honored! That is a fun apron for sure!
    love it.
    have a good day, I will call you later.
    love Mom marie xo

  8. Rob

    In my best Eddie Haskell voice- “That’s a lovely apron Mrs. Cleaver”

  9. Abbie – the problem has more to do with adjusting the pattern. Since I’m so tall, I’m afraid that the bustline would hit me across the chest.

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