What’s Your Favorite Apple?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the apple trees I’d like to plant in the spring.  We’ll probably start with 4 or 6 dwarf apple trees and add peach, pear, and cherry trees in the coming years.  When it comes to what kind of apples I want to plant, there’s one given: Macoun. 

Since I grew up on an apple orchard, I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of eating lots and lots of apples, and the Macoun will always stand out as my favorite.  They’re always ready right around back-to-school time, and that makes them perfect for school lunches.  There were many times I stopped on my way up or down the driveway, hopped out of the car and picked a few apples for the day.  No matter how many Macouns I eat, I never get tired of them.  The red and green skin, crisp white flesh and sweet-tart flavor make them the perfect apple to me.  When I have too many of them, I turn them into applesauce or apple crisp, but my favorite way to eat them is right off the tree. 

I also love other apples, including Jonathan’s bright red skin and white flesh and Empire’s shiny skin and crispiness late into the season, so I’ll probably plant some of them, too.   It’s hard to decide what other kinds of apple trees to plant, since it’s a decision we’ll be living with for a long time! 

If you were to plant a few apple trees, what kind would you plant and why?



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11 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Apple?

  1. I love Galas the best, followed by Granny Smiths.

  2. beansandyoga

    Either Honeycrisp or Jonathan. Honeycrisp is crisp and juicy, and packed with flavor. Jonathan is tart and crunchy. Both are good for eating fresh, or for baking.

  3. PInk Ladies, the name alone stole my heart when i first heard of them, and the flavor sort of sealed the deal. I do love galas as well, I’d grow little ones that i can put into tart tatins.

  4. I went to a really awesome apple tasting in the fall and it was interesting trying them all side by side: raw, cooked and served in various dishes (the apple liqueurs didn’t hurt either).

    Anyway, my favorite in order is:

    1. Honey Crisp
    2. Cameo
    3. Jonagold
    4. Braeburn
    5. Fuji
    6. Gala

    But then again, I come from a state that grow a LOT of apples. If I had the space it would be Honey Crisp and Cameo.

  5. I must admit that I’ve never tried a honeycrisp, but I’ve heard good things about them. I’d have to eat one before I plant it! I prefer the white-fleshed apples to those that are more yellow, so I’m not a big fan of gala (but out of season it’s not bad).

  6. Gotta have Macoun and Jonathan and Empire around here. To me, Macs and Red Delicious are overrated. Best to have a variety of apples to help with pollination. But, then again, ANY fresh-picked apple right off the tree is the BEST!

  7. Rob

    I have to agree with Crunchy- giving no pruning problems etc, if I could plant any apple tree it would be honey gold. But seeing as they call me Jason when it comes to pruning fruit trees, I am going with Columnar apple trees in my yard- Scarlet Sentinel and North Pole (Macintosh) and maybe a Golden Sentinel- maybe because I don’t care much for yellow skinned apples.

  8. Rob

    OF course I meant Honey Crisp

  9. I just bought my first Pink Lady at the farmers market in Raleigh, NC. It’s my new favorite apple!

  10. I am pleased to see a few comments on Honey Crisp as they are also one of my favorites! This year I bought 5 different bags of Colorado apples in October and saved them until a few weeks ago in our “cellar” or furnace room. The Honey Crisps were in perfect condition, crisp, tart, sweet and tasty. The Red Delicious were in okay condition, the Jonagolds and two others (names evading me at the moment) were sandy, mushy and or starting to rot. Except for the few that had started to rot, I made the not so good apples into apple sauce and we spent the next few weeks finishing off the Honey Crisps and Red Delicious. If I had the choice — I’d plant whichever sort of apple stores well and grows well in your local climate!

  11. I always thought that I was a gala girl, until I had my local farmers’ market Fujis. Oh.My. Best, apples, ever. They’re sweet and tart and oh so delicately tiny (I get the “seconds,” which are really just the smalls).

    Oh, the joy it must be to have a yard! I get by with a tiny sliver of vermicomposting space on my apartment’s shared patio… Of course, if I had the space, I’d grow a Fuji, with some fun heirloom friends, too.

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