A Year of Local Food

Just for fun, here are some images related to local food throughout 2008.  I didn’t start this blog until March, so that’s where the pictures begin.  It’s a fun look back through the cycle of the year.  All of this food was either grown in our garden or on my family’s farm, or raised/caught by Ed and his family.



Starting seeds in our dining area.



Nurturing our seedlings.


Transplanting seedlings to our garden.



The first fruit of this summer.

Clams caught by Ed and his brother Chris.

Our lettuce patch.


Catching blackfish on the fourth of July.

Wild wineberries picked by me and my mom.

Butter and sugar corn from my family’s farm.

Mom Marie’s fresh blueberry pie.


Clear blue skies and a bright yellow sunflower.

Sunflowers attracted all the pollinators to our garden.

Tomatoes, basil and lettuce from our garden.

Corn, peaches, raspberries and apples from my family’s farm.

Peach, raspberry and blueberry fruit salad.


My prize-winning butternut squash pie.

A pumpkin from our garden.

Apples and pears from my family’s farm.


Pumpkin from my family’s farm.

Shiny empire apples picked fresh from the farm.



Pork for our freezer raised by Ed’s family.



Carrots from our garden.


Santa pumpkin.

I hope 2009 is just as beautiful!



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8 responses to “A Year of Local Food

  1. Good inspiration to get busy and start planting this year. Thanks Abbie. Beautiful photos.

  2. Rob

    Great picks- makes me want to get started now- (patience my ass I wanna grow something)

  3. GB- Thanks!

    Rob- Me, too! I can’t wait for spring.

    CC- Now I’m dreaming about raspberries and peaches.

  4. Abbie~what a beautiful month-by-month tour of delicious, nutritious, local food! Thanks for sharing! It’s fun to see all that good stuff on the bleakest, coldest days of winter!

  5. So…incredibly…hungry…

  6. What a great photo calendar of your garden! Mmm, those carrots do look yummy! I’m perusing seed catalogues… and having a difficult time limiting myself!

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful year of photos! I must admit, I stole your santa pumpkin idea for my own leftover gourds — we painted ours green and added silver stars. I posted about them briefly on my eco-blog: http://tinyurl.com/473x4d

    Thanks for the continued inspiration!

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