Sunday Stroll

The sun is shining brightly down on my home today.  It makes me long for spring, but we’ve got quite a wait before that thaw.  The fresh air and the warmth today was a nice break from the frigid temperatures and the strong winds from last week.


Deer tracks mottle what’s left of the snow in the backyard.


The sun over the dormers of the garage.


The warmth melts the snow on the front walkway.


To see everyone else’s strolls today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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2 responses to “Brilliant

  1. Your blue sky is just incredible. We had one yesterday for a while, but a paler blue. I love the way the sun made a star over the lamppost in your last photo. Thank you for sharing your sunshine through this stroll!

  2. That brilliant, blue sky is beautiful–and deceiving! It makes it appear a lot warmer than it really is. Doesn’t it make you long for spring?

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