New Page: Cookbook

I’ve organized all the recipes I’ve posted on Farmer’s Daughter into a new page: Cookbook.  Please feel free to visit and keep in mind that most of my recipes come along with stories so you may have to scroll through the post to find the recipe.  This page makes it easier for me to find my recipes and hopefully those of you who want to use my recipes will find them easier, too!



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6 responses to “New Page: Cookbook

  1. You have any good dairy-free recipes I can share on my website? Thank you!

  2. How impressive! You should publish this cookbook, in the traditional sense as well!

  3. possum- I don’t make anything specifically dairy-free, but feel free to look through, there are a lot of recipes that don’t have dairy, and link to anything you want.

    Mom- um, I don’t think I could publish a cookbook. But thanks for the compliment. I was actually talking to my dept. head at school today about writing a high school-level botany textbook. If I ever do write a book, I think it’ll be a science book…

  4. So nice of you to be this handy! Thank ya.

  5. This will make it much easier to share your recipes! The friend I gave your butternut squash recipe to made oodles of pies for Christmas gifts this year. She asked the other day if I had any others to share so I’ll send her your way:)

  6. I’m a big fan of the butternut squash cheesecake myself. I’ve shared that with a lot of friends. Great idea to put all the recipes on one page – thanks for sharing them. I’m trying the buttermilk baked chicken tonight so I’ll let you know how we like it!

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