From Seed to Seed


I’ve joined the Growing Challenge for 2009, and this year, there’s a twist.  Instead of just starting plants from seed, like in 2008, now we’re challenged to save seeds to plant the following year.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do, for a variety of reasons.  Last year, I saved some seeds from my cosmos and my sunflowers, but not from any of the vegetables.  Saving seeds from more of my plants this year will be an exciting new adventure and learning experience. 

I enjoyed taking part in the Growing Challenge last year, from planting seeds to enjoying the variety of vegetables from our garden.  It was nice to see everyone’s updates and post my own updates.  While I enjoy looking at seed catalogues, it will be a lot of fun to save our own seeds and to also save some money in the process.

I’ve already started to plan my garden for this year by buying some seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds with a gift certificate that Ed’s parents gave us for Christmas.  Here’s what we chose:

  • Snow Sweet Peas
  • Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix
  • Red Cross Butterhead Lettuce
  • Cherokee Red Summer Crisp Lettuce
  • Sylvesta Green Butterhead lettuce
  • Mache
  • Brandywine Tomatoes
  • Striped German Tomatoes (yellow and red striped)
  • Green Zebra Tomatoes
  • Bellstar Tomatoes
  • Mariana Tomatoes
  • Rainbow Carrots
  • Purple Haze Carrots
  • Sugarsnax Carrots
  • Napoli Carrots
  • King Richard Leeks
  • Super Red Cabbage
  • Evergreen Hardy White Scallions

There’s still more that we want to grow, but for now we’re focusing on what we had the most success with and what we enjoyed most last year.



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6 responses to “From Seed to Seed

  1. Jon

    I think you are gonna need a bigger garden…. and you should grow giant pumpkins.

  2. I agree with Jon- you need to grow Giant PUMPKINS!!!

  3. Jon- You know I could only grow one giant pumpkin in my size of garden! I think you should go back to it, you are the pro.

    Rob- My brother Jon has been growing giant pumpkins since he was a little kid. He just wants me to grow them so his can be bigger and beat mine, haha.

  4. You should grow little itty bitty punkins just to be sassy:)

  5. I’ve been buying seed for this year already too. So far I’ve gotten:

    Roma Tomatoes (oldie but goodie)
    California Wonder Peppers
    Anaheim Peppers
    Jalapeno Peppers
    Serrano Peppers
    Little Gem Lettuce
    Garden Huckleberry
    Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (moschata variety so should be safe from the squash vine borer)

    Yellow Onions (from sets)

    From seed I saved from last year’s garden:
    Butternut Squash

    Looking at your seed list above I think you may have room for some warm loving veggies like summer squash or green beans. You can succession plant these after your cool loving veggies are done in the heat (like your lettuce and maybe even some of your carrots if you harvest early).

    Yep, I got bit by the garden bug early this year!

  6. Hooray! Green zeebra tomatoes and purple haze carrots are some of my favorites. Thanks for the reminder to put leeks on our list – we eat them a lot, but haven’t grown them yet.

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