Working on the Pantry


Ed spent most of both Saturday and Sunday in the garage working on the cabinets for our pantry.  Our pantry currently contains a bunch of stuff crammed into it, with no organization.  When we decided to build a house, a pantry was very important to me, along with having the laundry room on the second floor.  I can remember my great-grandmother’s pantry, how it contained mason jars full of preserved fruits and vegetables, all the ingredients required to make the Tollhouse cookies that were always in her kitchen, and gave her the ability to organize and store food to avoid frequent trips to the grocery store.  I look forward to being able to store my canned items in an organized fashion as well as stocking up on staple foods and not needing to go to the grocery store so often.  


Ed got the bottom cabinets framed over the weekend.  Once he makes the face frames and the doors, I’ll be able to paint them and we’ll install them.  Ed has some black walnut that he’ll use for the counter top.  We plan to put bead board on the walls and open shelving above the bottom cabinets.  I’m really looking forward to using my pantry!


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3 responses to “Working on the Pantry

  1. LoL I was expecting a post about organizing your pantry, which is what I’ve been doing a lot lately. It looks like yours is going to be really nice! There is something about a full shelf of canned goods that makes me feel secure. The only problem now is that we’re running out of shelving. It is really nice that Ed is supportive. Brian finally got used to me, the other day when I came home with 20 boxes of pasta shells he didn’t bat an eye! 🙂

  2. Rob

    I. like Jena, was expecting an organizing post as well. Fancy cabinets! my pantry/laundry is just some used ikea garage shelving and a leftover cabinet from my kitchen. But you will like it- It is cool to know you have things in your pantry to cook with.

  3. Nice work, Ed! Abbie, you will enjoy this so much. You know whatever Ed does is a work of art–for years to come!

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