Playing in the Snow

After spending the majority of the day in the garage working on the cabinets for our pantry, Ed got a chance to go out and play in the snow with his snowmobile and tractor.  He first used the little scraper on the back of the tractor to clean up the snow on the driveway.  Then, he started whipping around the house on the snowmobile.  I guess even big boys have fun playing in the snow.





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3 responses to “Playing in the Snow

  1. Nate

    Im surprised that little scraper can push the whole 1 inch of snow!
    Where is your helmet Ed?

    Oh yea, thanks for dinner last night.

  2. Boys will be boys! I got some good pictures of Brian plowing the driveway today. It is funny how they are more than happy to stop and pose for pics!

  3. Ruth

    Boys and their toys! Ed sure looks happy!

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