Sugar on Snow

I took advantage of the fluffy, sparkling snow to make our version of “Sugar on Snow”.  When I was little, we would wait for just the right fluffy snow, put bowls outside to catch it, and then we’d eat the snow with warm maple syrup on top, just like an ice cream sundae. 

The process is simple.  Put bowls outside to fill with snow (in a safe place!) or scoop up some clean, fresh snow.


Pour maple syrup over the snow.  Enjoy!


You can vary the recipe by using chocolate syrup, fruit sauce, or even juice.  I particulary liked lemonade on snow when I was little.

At the creamery at our farm market, we’ve continued the sugar on snow tradition by offering a “Sugar on Snow” sundae, vanilla frozen custard with our own maple syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.  We have a few customers, traditional New Englanders, who love this sundae.

I just recently learned that some people heat the maple syrup to the soft ball stage and then pour it into the snow to make a candy, but I’ve never tried it.  I might try making that in the future, but I know it could never compete with Ed’s dad’s real maple sugar candy.



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5 responses to “Sugar on Snow

  1. Mmm I love this stuff! I remember making it when I was little after reading about it in the Little House books. Good stuff!

  2. Isn’t ice snow the best? We love it here. Mom used to make it when I was little, and I still make it for my boys.

  3. Rob

    I made snow ice cream for the first time this year. Nice to know something good can be found from snow!

  4. Ruth

    Yum! Brings back happy memories!

  5. I’d love to do that……but where I live I’m worried about environmental gook in the snow. Sniff.

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