Relaxing Outside


I took advantage of the sunny 35°F temperatures by sitting outside on the porch in the front of our house for about a half hour.  Our little porch is sheltered from the wind, so I bundled up and enjoyed sitting in the warm sun.  With my laptop and a glass of iced tea, I imagined that it was spring, and until the wind really started blowing, it felt like spring.

The reality is that we have a long time to go before spring gets here.  While I’ve been dreaming of spring recently, I have been enjoying the winter.  I love the snow, and along the Connecticut shoreline we’ve had 15 inches more snow than usual by this point in January.  I love the snow, but I hate how the cold temperatures keep me inside.  Getting out just for a little bit felt great today.

When I took a course in urban botany, I learned about the calming effects of nature, and realized that nature truly does have that affect on me.  After a day of administering and grading midyear exams, getting outside was just what I needed to do to relax when I got home.

What are some ways that you get outside during the winter season?



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5 responses to “Relaxing Outside

  1. Rob

    I just go outside and shiver!! Things don’t get done if I sit inside and wait for them- LOL which may wxplain why I get Pnuemonia and bad colds evry winter!

  2. I love taking a walk in the fresh-fallen snow, or better yet, while it’s still falling! I just bundle up, grab my camera, and invite the dogs for a “long walk.” It’s relaxing, invigorating, and I feel like I’m getting a little exercise!

    Of course, it doesn’t quite compare with swimming, paddling my boat, or pedaling my bike, but it’s winter and I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here–especially the SNOW days!

  3. Your post made me smile; I pictured you sitting outside of your house sipping an iced tea! Anyway, the most I have been doing outside is walking to my car or the mailbox (pretty sad, huh?). Fortunately, my hubby has been getting our little one outside to the park since they both enjoy playing outside even when their toes are cold. Anyway, I bet you’re relieved that the mid-terms are over now, yes?

  4. ~G

    Luckily we have very mild winters here. As a matter of fact the last two days have been in the 70’s!! But I hate the cold. And it’s always humid here which makes it worse.

    I know it’s a VERY bad habit….but if I get too cold then sometimes I will go jump in a tanning bed. (EEK!) I know…I know. But warming up my body really gets me moving and more willing to be outside for longer periods of time.

    And soccer games get me out. We’re about to start up another soccer season here. Nothing gets you outdoors better than trying to keep up with the kiddos!


  5. Today, I dug my bulbs in anticipation of having someone over to landscape. Most of the time, though, I bundle up and walk outdoors.~~Dee

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