Pantry Doors

Ed’s been working on our pantry cabinets, and he spent last weekend working on the doors.  We decided to make Shaker-style doors to match our kitchen cabinets, and we’re currently trying to decide what color to paint them.  I’m leaning towards a blue-green paint with a black glaze to antique them, similar to our island cabinets.  We really love the simplicity and functionality of Shaker furniture, and it fits so well in our home. 


Ed glued the doors in the basement so they’ll dry where it’s nice and warm, instead of the chilly garage.


I’m already imagining filling the pantry cabinets with quarts of tomatoes and peaches, pints of strawberry jam, and stocking up on staples so I can cut my grocery trips in half.  Hopefully, our pantry will have “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.”  Ed’s a wonderful craftsman and I’m so happy I married him.


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8 responses to “Pantry Doors

  1. Rob

    If Ed gets bored send him out my way- I got plenty of work for a cabinet maker!

  2. Those doors are beautiful–and your pantry will be so useful. No matter what color you choose, I know you will love your new pantry because your “honey” made it with love!

  3. I can’t wait to see the final photo of this project. To be honest, I am not all that familiar with the Shaker style. As of right now, I have my hubby busy hanging chair rail in our dining room. Isn’t it great to have a handy someone around? That said, I am pretty sure I showed my dh around the hardware store.

  4. Laughing at your photo…… you can never have too many clamps!

    The cabinet doors look great- hopefully, you’ll be enjoying them in no time.

  5. They look great! How exciting!

  6. Looks awesome! Can you send Ed over here when he’s done with your pantry doors.

  7. Jon

    I hate to be picky ab, but its my understanding that its only really shaker style if all parts of the doors are square, i think having the round bead excludes you from that, but im not positive. I would do some research, but im just gonna assume im right.

  8. Marie

    Ab, This reminds me of when Rich would spend so much time making furniture and cabinets for our home, when we first got married and is still creating…………35 years later, we are lucky women!!!!, you will love that pantry, what a great place to store so many items, just don’t get our obsession wtih hundreds of cookbooks! Another snow day! Ed was glad, then he knew you would keep the fires burning. xo

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