Sick and Tired

I’ve spent the last 24 hours with a stomach bug.  I hate being stomach sick.

But I’m really sick and tired of winter.  Now, normally, I love snow.  I like that winter is cold, and I enjoy getting outside to take pictures in the snow.  I usually enjoy the four seasons.  But after three months of being cold, I’m tired of it.  Right now I’m watching the wind whip snow around outside my window.  The sun is shining, but it’s deceptive because it’s really cold out.  I’ve had enough and I’m so ready for spring now.  I’m ready to get outside, get my hands dirty in the garden.  Even weeding sounds like fun now.  Watching my tulips and daffodils pushing up out of the ground and bloom.  Seeing the Johnny jump-ups’ smiling faces.  Watching my flowers come back to life: lilacs, bleeding hearts, peonies, hydrangeas, roses.   

So, for a little cheer, I’m reflecting on my flower gardens from last year.


Angelique Tulip


Endless Summer Hydrangeas


Knock-out Pink Rose




Morning Glories


Picking daffodils from the abandoned house up the road last spring.


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5 responses to “Sick and Tired

  1. I just posted abut my own case of the winter blahs. Must be February…..

  2. The Pirate Farmer…… able to sail off to warmer destinations when the winter blahs become unbearable!

    Hope you feel better soon! Your photos cheered me up:)

  3. Feel better soon! I’ve got some nice summer pictures to post too, maybe they will help cheer you up. I’ve been waiting for the darkest days of winter to use them so I think it is time. Your flowers are really pretty – I can’t wait to see things that like growing around here again! C’mon spring. 🙂

  4. Rob

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thanks, guys! It was a 24 hour bug, so I’m all better now. And making up for missed calories by eating ice cream 🙂

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