Blue Skies

Sunday Stroll

Today’s warm weather melted a lot of our snow and gave me some extended time outside.  Out of all the shots I took, these ones of the sky and trees were the best.  I had fun taking pictures from different angles, with the sun behind and in front of me, and standing under and around the trees.






After taking pictures, it was so nice that I didn’t want to go back inside.  I read a couple of chapters of the book for my class while sitting in the sun.  I look forward to getting outside more often in the coming weeks.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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5 responses to “Blue Skies

  1. Well, I just Zeked out. I love the look of eched trees against the sky. My favorite thing to look for in winter are lone trees in a field, they are so delightful in so many ways. So, you just played my song. Thanks for the beauty. May you always walk in beauty.

  2. Ruth

    What beautiful blue skies! I love the way you took those shots, especially looking up at the branches. One looks like you must have been almost upside-down to get such an incredible shot. Wasn’t it fun to be able to spend time OUTSIDE today without freezing?

  3. I’m loving bare trees and blue skies right now too. You can see so much more of the character of the tree, all of its bends and twists, when it’s not covered in leaves. I’m glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the beauty.

  4. Wow. I especially love the second to last photo with the darker sky behind the branches. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  5. I love winter trees. Nice pictures and feeling. Maybe you’d like the post i did a few weeks ago. We dont have snow but it was still lovely out. If you’re interested and have the time my link is at

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