Pantry Update: Paint and Hardware

We decided on “Cabinet Maker’s Blue” for the pantry cabinets, since we have a bookcase that color and really like it.  It also closely matches the island in our kitchen.  Ed spent the last week painting the cabinets and doors, and tonight he put on the hinges and knobs.  We plan to install them in the pantry this weekend, and then add the countertops.


The blue Shaker-style cabinets.


Installing the hinges.


Installing the knobs.


View of the cabinets as they’ll be arranged in the pantry.



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7 responses to “Pantry Update: Paint and Hardware

  1. Pretty color! I said it beofre, but Iif ed wants to spend a couple of weeks in the Seattle Area…..

  2. Beautiful! I love that color, it will really brighten up any room. They’ll look even better chuck full of great, wholesome food.

  3. Ruth

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done, Ed! Enjoy, Abbie!

  4. it looks beautiful! And I agree with the others, the color will brighten any room.

  5. Rob- I’m not giving him up for that long!

    Jena- I know, I can’t wait!

    Mom- Thanks! I think he did a good job, too. Now I just have to empty the room so he can install them…

    Beany- Yeah, I love anything blue.

  6. I love that shade of blue! I can’t wait to see the finished pantry 🙂

  7. Ed is so handy – Wow! These are so beautiful and well-crafted. I can’t wait to see them installed.

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