Sunday Stroll

The sun is warm outside today, but the wind makes it chilly.  I enjoyed getting out for some fresh air and exploring now that the snow’s gone.


The spinach I planted last fall has overwintered well, considering I’ve done nothing to help it survive.  I look forward to early spinach this year!


A stump along the edge of the woods.


The daffodils are starting to come up, a welcome sign that the winter will be coming to an end.


An old hydrangea bloom.


The perfect sunny spot to sit and enjoy the afternoon, sheltered from the wind.  I’m headed back there now to enjoy it while it lasts.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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3 responses to “Sunday Stroll

  1. LOVE the hydrangea bloom picture… and am happy that you are having signs of spring. It’s been snowing on and off all day today. The flakes are beautiful, but I’m ready for spring.

  2. Ruth

    LOVE that Adirondack chair, tucked in the corner in the sun. Enjoy it–and the week ahead!

  3. Ah, that chair is inviting! We’re back to winter here, so I enjoyed your spinach and daffodil sprouts. That little glimpse of spring is so cheering!

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