Starting Seeds 2009 Part I


I was so happy to be able to plant some of my seeds today.  A few weeks ago, I went through my seed packets, decided which I wanted to start indoors and which would be directly seeded into the garden, and counted back from when I’ll transplant them to figure out when I should start the seeds.  One of my goals for this year is to start some of the annuals for our flower garden.  It seems silly to pay for a flat of flowers when I could just as easily start the seeds at home.  Another goal is to time things better, so I don’t end up with pot-bound seedlings waiting too long to get into the ground, hence the use of my calendar instead of just planting whenever I want.  It’s still very early, but today I planted 3 flats in our breakfast nook.


Flat 1: baby lettuce mix, mache, spinach, red cabbage


Flat 2: johnny jump-ups (violas), blue butterfly pansies, mixed color pansies


Flat 3: white impatiens (Okay, you caught me! What did you want to see more boring soil? These are last year’s impatiens.  But this is what I hope they’ll look like in my back flower garden.)

In a few weeks, I plan to start some herbs inside, and on St. Patty’s Day, I’ll plant peas, mache, cabbage and broccoli outside.

Are you making plans for the garden or starting to plant seeds?


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7 responses to “Starting Seeds 2009 Part I

  1. You bet! I have lots of herbs and a cayenne plant inside. I also planted a bit more spinach in the garden in the backyard, but it’s almost time for spring planting so I’m not adding much out there yet. March is when all our spring garden will go in and it’s just around the corner!

  2. I am so ready to start- I already put the soil in my starter pots- but hav not planted any seeds yet-
    sign me
    “chomping at the bit”

  3. Just read this poem, “Winter Delusion” in the Green Mountain Trading Post that makes me think of you and this post!

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Been sitting by the fire tossing in some logs,
    just looking through some new seed catalogs.
    I made out an order every year
    and kid myself spring soon will be here.”

    “I send in my money and away it goes,
    thinking its arrival will melt all the snow.
    Every year I do the same old thing
    think ordering seeds will bring about spring.”

    So……….you’re not the only one……….and I think it’ll take a lot longer to melt the snow in Vermont than here!

    Happy planting! Happy Spring!

  4. First your mom inspires me to reach for Spring with her post on forcing bulbs and now I am thinking I need to get myself moving with seeding for my vegetable garden this year. And while I do love flowers, I have not yet perfected the art of letting them thrive, so perhaps I will learn here and shoot for next year.

    By the way, your impatiens from last season are gorgeous!

  5. You good girl! I’m so lazy that I try to just plant in site. Which reminds me. I need to get out there.

  6. I started spinach on the 4th, and waited… and waited. Nothing came up! So then I put the little seeds in wet paper towels and they sprouted after just 3 days. I planted them in peat pots and they are now out in my greenhouse, where it felt about 10 degree warmer than outside, which would have made it, oh, 45F. Wish them luck!

  7. Glad to hear I’m not the only one raring to go! What a cute poem, mom!

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