Truly Homemade Lasagna

Yesterday, I took full advantage of my last day of vacation by making homemade ricotta, homemade pasta, and transforming them into lasagna.  I only wished I had home-canned tomatoes left from last summer.  I was inspired by the ricotta recipe posted at Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, and I was surprised by how easy it was.  I also used my pasta machine (a wedding present) for the first time.  My brother Nathaniel helped me set it up and figure out how to use it.


Mixing the dough on the counter.


Rolling out the lasagna noodles.


The finished product was wonderful!


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5 responses to “Truly Homemade Lasagna

  1. Girl! Check you out! It looks delicious and to have made it all yourself? Nothing short of amazing! What time do we stop by for lessons?…

  2. Looks great! I would love to learn how to make homemade pasta one day (the time we used fresh pasta in class, our teach had made it…).

  3. Yum! I make ricotta sometimes, and keep wanting to try other cheeses. I’ve even bought a great book about it by Ricki Carroll…But that was months ago, and I haven’t gotten around to making any thing more complicated that the ricotta. Ah well. A lot of the recipes require a 75F kitchen, and mine is well below that in winter, so maybe in May we’ll get there!

  4. Very cool! I guess I’ll have to break down and try out my little pasta machine now. It is the child’s version and my Mom recently gave it back to me to get it out of her basement. I remember doing it a couple times as a kid. Homemade pasta would really expand the possibilities for all-local meals. Thanks for the motivation.

  5. Heather- I was so surprised by how easy it was!

    Kayla- Again, it was easy. I’m sure you’d be great at it!

    healinggreen- I have that book, too, and even bought some enzymes. My favorite cheese comes from a dairy that comes to a local farmer’s market, but now that the market is closed for the winter I wanted to try making my own… Unfortunately, it was a little too COLD in my kitchen… But I think I could transform ricotta into the herbed fresh cheese they make by adding some herbs and garlic. Be sure to update us if you try any other recipes!

    Jena- If I had local wheat like you, I’d make all my own pasta after realizing how easy it was!

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