Just out of curiosity…

… if you were getting a draft horse or a team of draft horses, what names would you choose?

There may be a horse in my near future…


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17 responses to “Just out of curiosity…

  1. Lol. I’m interested to hear the rest of this story! At the carriage company we had 3 different horses named Duke. Duke I, II, and III. Those were Percherons though. If it is a Belgian, I knew a good Billy once.

  2. Chestnut. I don’t know why, I just think it would be a good name for a horse. 🙂

  3. Oh my. I have normal horses. I can’t quite imagine what THAT kind of feed bill will amount to!

    Maybe call them hungry and hungrier. But they could be fun if you are able to use them as they were bred for!

  4. Rob

    Easy. I would name the horse “Ed”. As in Mr. Oh wait that’s your hubby’s name… how about Junior. or Rover, or BInky???

  5. Rob

    Draft horse- Bud. George. ANything but flicka.

  6. OK, Ab, you beat me to this!

    Jena–We LOVE the name DUKE and already have had a team of Percherons named “Bob and Duke,” and our current Golden Retriever is Duke in memory of our beloved original Duke. Another coiincidence there? Our current team came already named “Bill and Vinny,” and unfortunately, they never quite matched up to Bob and Duke!

    So, Abbie, I’m going for BELLE for the mare, and hoping, keeping fingers crossed, when the BABY arrives, how about BEAU or BO? Or maybe Beauty and the Beast?

    Of course, we don’t know the gender of the baby yet . . .

    Abbie, aren’t you a little quick to “spill the beans?”


  7. Just a footnote to Rob. Yeah, Abbie’s hubby might not appreciate the name “Ed” for a workhorse. We already have an Old English Sheepdog named “Ed or Eddie,” but that was before we knew Abbie’s Ed.

    I’m going to embarass Abbie by telling a cute story here. When Ed came to pick Abbie up for their first date in his BRAND-NEW F-350, our dog was so excited he was jumping around. Not wanting him to scratch Ed’s precious new truck, we were yelling, “No, Ed, get down, etc!” which I think may have confused the handsome, young guy who just drove in. Fortunately, we (and our crazy animals) did not scare him away!

    And, Ab, I’m not sure who’s more excited about this new venture—you or Dad! You’d think he was the father of the foal-to-be, keeping fingers crossed, all things going well . . .

  8. Funny how most of us automatically thought of male names. Poor mare. Girl names are much harder, at least for me. Ahh yes, I should have remembered Duke the dog from Sunday Strolls.

    I suppose you have sometime to figure it out anyway! How exciting!

  9. CTdaffodil

    oooh I LOVE Draft horses….I totally think you have to wait until you have had the animal a few days to see the personality and then name it though.

    My favorites are
    Ruby & Daisy
    Prince & Pete

    You could always go with the geographic names…..
    Depending on what breed you get…

    I’m in CT if you get them can I come pet them and feed them carrots??? We have no room for horses…

  10. Hmm, it depends on the horse in my family. We generally wait till we have the new animal, and then my husband and I sit quietly with it and ask it what its name is. Then we wait to see what we “hear” in our heads. Then we ask out loud: “Petunia? Your name is Petunia?” And if the animal responds in a good way ( a lick, a wag, and head bob) then Petunia it is! My husband and I often get the same or similar names that way: One said “Bob” and “Robert”, Another said “Percival” and “Merciful” (ended up being Percival the Mercival, or Percy for everyday use), and, of course, we have Petunia, our poodle. Or, sometimes, we let our son name the animals — which is how we ended up with “Moon” the rooster.

  11. Good to see that my mom can fill you all in during the middle of the night while I’m asleep. Head on over to her post to get the full details:

    Thanks for the suggestions… I’m kind of leaning toward Belle. In my mind, draft horses need one syllable names (or two at the most).

  12. I love big horses. I once met a Belgian named Sunny- for his disposition. It fit well.

  13. Jon

    naming the foal is one thing, but i think its wrong to rename the mare, im sure shes smart enough to know her name.

  14. To Jena
    “Funny how most of us automatically thought of male names. Poor mare. Girl names are much harder, at least for me.”

    Thhhhhhp. My names are unisex. Ed works for mares as well as males. As does Bud, Binky and Petunia (where did that come from)

  15. LoL. To Rob – if my mama named me Ed I would be very mad. Or else I’d be a crossdressing biker chick and not care. 😉

    FD – .Oooh I like Belle a lot! Today we had a dog come in named Bella too, if you aren’t too opposed to two syllables.

  16. Jena and FD~ooh, “Bella” is nice, too! That also seems to be popular now among little girls I know as a nickname for “Isabelle or Isabella.”

    Maybe Ed could be short for “Edwina,” . . . just read a book to my students about an emu by that name. Not so sure I care for that for a workhorse, and considering that Ed’s already taken by someone more important in Abbie’s life, perhaps not.

    Unisex names are all the rage among new parents these days. You never want to take a chance on guessing the gender of a student on a roster of names (before you meet them) when you see: Morgan, Alex, Sam, etc. Keeps us all guessing!

    Jena~So glad your parents DIDN’T name you ED!

    Gotta consider Jon’s comment re: renaming the mare. Even if “Kenna’s” not our favorite, would she mind the rename? Workhorses I’ve known go mostly by “Gee” and “Haw” and “Step up,” and by the tone of your voice. We did change our sheepdog’s name from “Chester” to “Eddie” because it just didn’t fit him, but we’re the ones who tried to name him Chester first. I think HG is right . . . you have to live with an animal for a while first.

    Oh, well, it’s an adventure!

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