A New Horse


So yes, I may have jumped the gun yesterday, but I was just so excited.  Anyway, now it’s official.  Our new horse should arrive tomorrow night.  Her name is Kenna but we might change it, and she’s a Shire.  She’s expecting a foal in August, too!

No, she’s not going to live at our house, we don’t have nearly enough room for a horse! She’s going to live on my parents’ farm.  They’re the ones buying her, but I’ve decided that she’s mine, too.  She’s going to live in the water wheel barn for now, and we’ll see where she ends up permanently.

I’ll post some pictures of her when I take some, but for now you can see her (and pictures of our Percheron team) at my mom’s blog.


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5 responses to “A New Horse

  1. Ab,

    She’s definitely yours, too. . . she belongs to the whole family . . . or if it’s like our dogs . . . we’ll belong to her!

    I’m sure everyone’s going to want to be part of the new foal’s life . . . how exciting! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, because we have a bit of a wait and will do our very best to be sure she has the best care and most successful pregnancy!

    Thanks for posting the link to the pictures on my blog.

  2. CTdaffodil

    Aww – the pictures are great! She births great looking foals –
    I would love one as a pet – but knowing how much room they need to be happy and how much work a horse is – I’ll be happy to see them at the ag fairs

  3. aja

    Wow, that is really cool! So glad I found your blog – you are living out my dream and in Guilford too! Makes it all seem like it could be a reality and not just fantasy one day 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see Kenna!

  5. Hi Everyone! I’m sitting here waiting… waiting for the time to head over to the farm when she gets here! Just got word from my dad that the horse won’t be here tonight until about 8:30.

    CTdaffodil- You’re welcome to come and visit her any time when the farm market opens for the season.

    Aja- We’re actually one town over in North Branford, but have family in Guilford. Are you from our neck of the woods?

    Kayla- I can’t wait either!!!

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