Fun with Annabelle

By the time I got to the farm this morning, my dad and brother had already brushed her and taken her for a walk around the farm to meet the other animals.  Fortunately, Nathaniel took a break from the sap house to take her out again so I could get some photos!


Annabelle in her new home.


Annabelle with Nate.  Don’t be fooled about her size, Nate’s 6’5″, so you can imagine how big she is!


Annabelle poses in front of Eddie and the excavator. 


Annabelle visits with Bill and Vinny.  They seemed to get along and she didn’t want to leave them.  She’s also bigger than they are.


Annabelle with me.  For reference, I’m 5’7″.


Taking a walk back to her barn.  Look at that long tail!


Duke enjoyed visiting with Annabelle, and even licked her face.  I think they’re friends already.

Update: Ed and I went back to see Annabelle late this afternoon.  Here are some more pictures.


Duke, Annabelle and Dad.


We buried Eddie in hay.  No wonder he’s always so grumpy.


The cupola on the roof of the stand.

You can see even more pictures of Annabelle at flickr.



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6 responses to “Fun with Annabelle

  1. She’ s just beautiful, and seems to be right at home. How exciting it will be to have a new baby on the farm this summer, too!

  2. Nate

    Hey Ab, at 38,000 lbs, thats not a mini excavator!!!

  3. Nate- Thanks! I just fixed it… With my knowledge of equipment, we’re lucky I didn’t call it a bulldozer.

  4. Rob

    I dont know whether to be more jealous of Annabelle or the excavator- Looks like Annabelle is liking her new home. And as for Eddie the dog- stop burying him in hay and he might be a little more agreable!

  5. Oh, at first when I saw this in my reader, I thought you were talking about the Hyrdrangea, and I couldn’t figure out how you were playing with her in this weather. A new horse, and such a pretty one too. We’ve owned horses in the past, and I love seeing new ones. Have fun with your Annabelle.~~dee

  6. Tara- I can’t wait for the foal! I’m so happy she’s due when I’m off from school.

    Rob- Eddie’s always grumpy, no matter what we do.

    Dee- Glad you stopped by! Sometimes it’s better to admire horses than to own (and feed) them 🙂

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