Animals in the Snow


On this chilly, windy afternoon, I stopped by to visit my favorite animals on the farm.


Dukie loves snow.  He rolls all around in it until he’s covered.  Here, he’s licking snow off his little black nose.


Sorry, Annabelle, that playhouse is for the goats.


Eddie was barking at me in this picture.


Annabelle strolls through the petting zoo, looking for little bits of grass to eat.


Dukie got tired out and decided to lie down.


Annabelle walks by the big mulch pile that the goats love to climb on.


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6 responses to “Animals in the Snow

  1. Great pix of the animals in the snow! Annabelle looks even more majestic in the snow. Duke is SO playful and Eddie, well, is just Eddie, a regular grumpy old dog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s quite the menagerie. It is starting to look like my place. 🙂

  3. CTdaffodil

    Eddie Rocks!!!
    I wish we had a farm like that nearby….

  4. That Eddie is so cute! He looks like a real character…

  5. What a beautiful horse! It’s weird to see all your snow, it’s been in the 70’s and 80’s here haha.

  6. jen Kusmierz

    Well she definately looks happy. She is ever so curious as she was here and not afraid of anything. Which can be good and bad…lol. She certainly loves to eat. Hope you enjoy her.

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