Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday!


I’ve got a busy day of work followed by my graduate class.  Over the weekend, my parents were so nice to celebrate my birthday early with a Chicken Pie Supper, which has been a tradition for my birthday ever since I was a little kid and we’d take my great-grandmother to the Chicken Pie Supper at church that happened to be this time of year.  We plan to celebrate with Ed’s family next weekend, and I’ll post tomorrow about Ed’s present to me.


Now… I know there are folks who swing by here but never comment.  Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments section below!

Please? As a birthday present to me?



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34 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Rob

    Happy Birthday Abbie! Can’t wait to hear about your present!


    Can’t believe you’re ** years old already! Someone’s getting old!

    Dad and I are so proud of you; you’re everything anyone could hope for in a wonderful daughter!

    We so enjoyed our early birthday celebration with you and Ed and I’m sorry that your real birthday is so full of classes all day (teaching) and going to your college course tonight. Will your students know it’s your birthday?

    We just know how you enjoyed those “Chicken Pie Suppers” at church when you were little (that always came near your birthday) and Grandma Rose’s homemade pies and treats and we tried to recreate that for you. Your great-grandma would be VERY proud of how you’ve carried on many of her traditions with your loving, homemade creations!


  3. Happy Birthday! I started reading your blog about a week ago. Um… I don’t know what to say about me. I live in CT, too? How dumb is that for an intro! lol! 😀

  4. Hi Abbie! I will de-lurk myself as a bday present to you. Love love love love your blog! I am a stay at home mother of two+triathlete, and I love unwinding with a cup of coffee and your blog. Really.

    Thanks for being a part of my life, stranger-friend.


  5. Happy Birthday, Abbie!

  6. Many happy returns of the day. You are so obviously surrounded by love that I can only encourage you to breathe it all in and let it carry you through your busy day with joy and delight.

  7. angiecox

    Happy Birthday, FarmGirl. I enjoy your blog from the good ol’ Texas Panhandle. I am an educator (working on my escape) in public schools, live the rural life in a small town, wishing for more country life minus the rattlesnakes.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Oh, and I love Annabelle.

  8. Happy Birthday Abbie! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Birthday to you. I read through Google Reader and don’t think I’ve ever commented. I love your blog and am a little envious of Annabelle, I must admit. I hope your day is wonderful and I promise I will try to comment more often 🙂

  10. Aunt Sara

    Happy Birthday, Abbie! Your dad was planning the chicken pie at coffee Sunday morning up at the farm. I was wishing he thought to invite his sister to the feast!!!

    Also, I just love the new horse. She is beautiful!!!

  11. Kira

    Happy Birthday, Abbie! I have to come clean and admit that I’ve been following your blog — my mom turned me on to it. It’s inspiring to read about your “living from scratch” lifestyle. Even though much of what you do is nearly impossible for city people like me to recreate in our tiny NYC apartments, I am sometimes amazed at how many ways people in the city DO manage to live sustainably and to be green. I guess it’s just a matter of finding different solutions for a similar set of challenges.
    Anyway, keep up the good writing, and enjoy your birthday! We ARE getting old!

  12. Hi Abbie! Happy Birthday! I have been reading your blog for about a month now. I really enjoy it! I lived in Connecticut for 37 years. I now live in northern California on a 5 acre hobby farm.

  13. Happy Birthday, Abbie!

    I just discovered your blog yesterday, while trying to find out when Lake Gaillard might be open for walks. Your dad built my family’s house on Sea Hill Road in the mid-80’s, and your aunt Sara was one of my favorite high school teachers. I remember when you were a new addition to the family, and since you were the first Abigail that I knew of, I’ve always remembered your name.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog!

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

    Rob- I have a feeling you’ll like the present.

    Mom- Thanks again for the chicken pie supper!

    Julie- Always nice to meet a neighbor.

    Brandee- Nice to meet you! Wow, triathlete and mom! You must be tired.

    Joyce and Angelina- Thank you!

    Cloudhands- I have had joy and delight today! I’ll post more about that later on.

    Heather- Thank you!

    angiecox- Nice to meet someone from Texas! I’ve visited there for my cousin’s wedding when I was little. I’d love to go back sometime!

    Pirate Farmer- I have had a wonderful day so far.

    Angie- Thanks for stopping by!

    Lisa- Thanks!

    Aunt Sara- Well when I hit 30 in a few years we’ll have to do a big party.

    KIRA!!!- Stop stalking me and start commenting. I’m so glad to hear from you! Well, I’ll admit I’m very jealous of all the public transportation in the city. You know how much there is in NB.

    Eileen- I’d love to hear more about your hobby farm!

    David- Wow! Nice to meet you (again?)

  15. Jocy

    Happy Birthday,
    From Vancouver Island, Britsh Columbia, Canada. I ve been reading your blog for a while now. Because of living on the West coast and really being into self sufficiency, I appreciate your take on things (Ocean to Land). I really wish my daughter and I had the family and family farm as you do!

  16. Happy Birthday Abbie!

    I’ve appreciated your Reflection posts…they did make me think.

  17. BlessedW4

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I am very new to this blog “stuff” and have read your site twice. I love anything about farming and dream of having a 10 acre farm someday but for now am stuck in Florida living in a subdivision (sigh). I have enjoyed reading what you have posted and it is such fun to read through the lines at the happiness in your life – wonderful!!!!

    I have been looking for a good homemade pot-pie recipe – do you think dear old dad would share? :o)

    Have a blessed birthday farmersdaughter – oh yeah that cake looks yummy too!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE! You are too cute!!

  19. Happy Birthday Abbie! Hope it’s a great day. 🙂

  20. Rosanne K (Mike & Morgan's Mom)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Of course I read your blog (and your mom’s) and was surprised to learn we “almost” share a birthday! (I must have known that from many years ago??!!) Mine was Monday, March 9th, and I got to spend it in sunny FL with Ric and some of his family! Can’t wait to celebrate with your mom and our little “group”. Best wishes for a wonderful year!

  21. Holly

    I’m a lurker round your blog. But I love it. Thanks for sharing your world. Hope your day was fabulous and your night is too…. and on into next weekend also.

  22. Hooray to all those who have commented for the first time! It’s great to hear from you!

    OK, Abbie now wishes that her Mom would just shut up!

    David—How much fun to hear from you! We remember you as just a little guy when we built your family’s home. Sounds like you’re taking Boston by storm with all your software technology expertise! Abbie’s Dad is working on getting Lake G. open year-round for visitors. Now, it’s just open once a year in the spring. It’s a great walk/hike/run/bikeride! If you didn’t find the date, put Abbie on the case!

    Happy Birthday a day late to Rosanne in sunny Florida!

    Kira~so much fun to hear from you!

    Hugs to all!

    The Farmer’s Daughter’s Mother . . . and I’m a Farmer’s Daughter, too!

  23. kellie

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your time and lovely blog. I really enjoy the fun, photos, cooking, and relaxed site.

  24. Happy Birthday Abbie!

  25. keilis

    Hey Abbie,
    I saw this a day late, but thought I’d comply with your birthday wish anyway. I am a college student and another reader from the Texas Panhandle. I really enjoy reading your blog. You do a lot of the things I wish I could be doing! I especially love all the photos you include with your posts! Thanks for sharing with all of us and happy belated birthday!.

  26. Jocy- Nice to meet you!

    Beany- That makes me smile.

    BlessedW4- I’m not sure about that… my dad tends to be very secretive with his special recipes. But here’s a link to my version: https://farmersdaughterct.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/chicken-pot-pie/

    TheSpectrum- I think YOU’RE too cute.

    Amber- Thanks!

    Roseanne- Hi! So is the countdown to becoming a grandma winding down? I’d love to get an update!

    Holly- Yes, I seem to have stretched my birthday out into a whole week, haven’t I? It’s a running joke with my husband.

    Mom- I thought we established a “One Comment Per Post” rule for you…

    Kellie- Thanks! I’m working on my photography skills. I enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it…

    Green Bean- Thanks! Did you make me some delicious bread pudding?

    Ruchi- Thanks! I really liked your post about being cheap today.

    Kayla- I have news for you… related to your project last year. Shoot me an email!

    keilis- So what are you majoring in? Wow, a bunch of folks from Texas. I’m so jealous of the warm weather right now! (of course in August, I’m sure you’ll be jealous of CT).

  27. nellaboah

    Happy Birthday Abbie! I randomly found your blog and really enjoy reading it. From tapping trees to planting seeds and recipes, you are very inspirational. In fact, I have planted a few lettuce seeds myself on my dorm desk. (I’m a college student in New York)

  28. jen Kusmierz

    Well Happy Birthday…never commented before I talked to your mom. I had Annabelle Im sooo glad that she has made her way to you guys what a blessing. She looks extremely happy. My daughter’s birthday is a week after yours how funny she will be 17 😦 shes growing up to quick. I can only hope we stay as close as you and your mom. I remeber your dad saying your eyes lit up when he told you I have another shire mare just like Annabelle who is bred to a Fresian stud and will have a foal this summer to. We decided to keep her so I will send pics of her when she foals and I cant wait for Annabelle’s foal. Well I hope you had a great birthday….oh and I have Annabelle’s colt from last year he is a fresian Sporthorse gorgeous I can email pics to you if you’d like. And Annabelle’s babies father…does that make sense? Let me know where to send them. If you or your family are ever in Michigan please stop by and you can meet Annabelle’s family..best wishes 🙂

  29. nellaboah- Nice to meet you!

    Jen- I’m so glad you can see pictures of Annabelle here! I’ve seen all the pictures you sent to my mom, and the foal’s dad is just the handsomest stallion I’ve ever seen! I’m so hoping that that foal will have spots like him!

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