Butternut Squash Pi: Updated!

Pi Day is celebrated on 3/14 (get it… 3.14???) .  We’ll celebrate this year on Friday, March 13, at school.  The math department has special events planned, including a Pi memorization contest where students compete to see who can memorize the most digits, and a Pi(e) baking contest.  So what am I entering? You guessed it! My Butternut Squash Pie.

I have high hopes, I admit it.  Afterall, this pie is a winner!

It won IB Mommy’s Piesadential Debate.

It won Green Bean first prize for pumpkin pies at her son’s school.

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess tried it with a spelt crust and liked it.  (Um, I don’t know what “spelt” is, but I’m assuming it’s healthy.)

This pie won me a “Best In Show” at the Guilford Fair last fall.

And Diane Gardner, a local author, has asked if she can put it in her latest What’s Cooking? book.  I’m flattered!

Nonetheless, I’m nervous.  This pie has humble beginnings.  After all, I forgot to add the sugar the first time I entered it in the Guilford Fair, which resulted in quite a bit of embarrassment and somehow won me a pink ribbon for Honorable Mention, which I still don’t understand.

No matter what happens, the best part is that I made one for us to keep at home, too!

Update! My Pi(e) came in first place! I wasn’t supposed to find out until the end of the day, but one of my students dropped by at lunch time and filled me in, making sure to tell me how much he loved the butternut squash pie.  Yay!


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12 responses to “Butternut Squash Pi: Updated!

  1. Good luck, Abbie! Your butternut squash pie is a winner!!!

  2. That pie rocks. Can’t wait to hear how you blow away the competition with it.

  3. kellie

    love the idea of a pi day! Do you also do the first lego robots?

  4. Aunt Sara

    I was a judge at Pi day and as soon as I sampled the butternut squash pie I recognized it as yours. Is that the same recipe Grandma Rose used? or have you modified it?

    Any way, I’m sure you know by now that your pie came in number 1!

    ( was it really home made pie crust???)

  5. Mom- Thanks!

    GB- I know, I was nervous since you never know what the judges will choose. Some of the chocolate or fruit pies looked really good, too!

    Kellie- I’m not familiar with lego robots. Fill me in!

    Aunt Sara- I didn’t have a copy of Grandma Rose’s recipe, so my pie is just inspired by hers. I modified a recipe from the Fannie Farmer cookbook, adjusting the seasonings and skipping the brandy. Here’s the recipe: https://farmersdaughterct.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/butternut-squash-pie/

    And yes, it WAS homemade pie crust. I used Martha Stewart’s flaky pastry recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/pate-brisee-pie-dough

  6. Too bad you didn’t make it in a square cake pan- ’cause everyone knows Pi R square!

  7. Mmm I bet it is great. Congratulations! Sounds like that pie is going to make you famous!

  8. Rob- I’m totally going to do that next year.

    Jena- Haha! If this pie is my claim to fame, I’ll take it!

  9. Congrats, Ab! We wouldn’t have expected anything less! Your students and colleagues sure know a prize-winning pie!

    I just hope it wasn’t “fixed” . . . . is it legal to have a relative judging? But, I’m sure it was done anonymously!

  10. ohhhh, very clever, Rob! You just know Abbie WILL use that!

  11. congrats, abbie! that is one yummy pie. my daughter decorated a tee shirt for extra credit this year but dang, i might have to send in one o’ them there square butternut squash pies with her next year:) that’s too funny!

  12. I know this is late (I’ve been a little busy!) but congratulations! I’d love to try it!

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