Indoor Sunday Stroll

Outside, spring is struggling to make her appearance.  Today’s weather outside is warm, but inside, it is clearly spring.


Bright pink tulips for my birthday from Ed’s mom. 


Pansies, another birthday gift from Ed’s parents.


A pretty pansy that looks like a Johnny jump-up, only bigger.  I picked this up yesterday after the organic gardening workshop.


Some potted parsley that was a gift from my mom.


The beginnings of my herb garden.  I planted lavender, chives, parsley, dill, basil, thyme, sage and borage.  Today I went out to the vegetable garden to weed, pick up rocks, and start getting ready for spring.  I’ve been dreaming of a pretty garden that includes vegetables and herbs with flowers blended in, and I can’t wait to get started on it.

Have you been enjoying indoor gardening while you wait for spring?

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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6 responses to “Indoor Sunday Stroll

  1. Beautiful flowers. I’m so excited that spring is just about here! That parsley looks so good, way better than the dried stuff from the store. I haven’t started my herbs yet but I did start some flowers, eggplant, and tomatoes today. I’ve been dreaming of my garden too. It is hard to imagine how different that bare spot in the yard will look in a few months.

  2. It must be very cheery inside your house with the colorful flowers and herbs. I am still a few weeks away from starting things in pots, but boy am I getting eager!

    I’m glad you shared your indoor stroll!

  3. Beautiful photos of some beautiful flowers! Can’t wait until the danger of frost is gone so we can plant OUTSIDE!

    Yesterday was such a beautiful day that it makes you hopeful that spring is just around the corner!

  4. While Annabelle and I haven’t started potting anything to keep inside, we did just pot some pansies that we keep on our front steps and bring inside when the temps drop. This week we’re supposed to creep into the upper 60s, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to plant our pansies in the ground . . . but global warming and our freaky weather spikes just make me a bit cautious.

    Anyway, beautiful pansies, tulips, and parsley too. I can’t wait to see your indoor herbs pop up.

  5. Out here in California, I have already mowed my lawn twice! My daffodils just went buy and my tulips are getting ready to bloom. This weekend, I bought my summer bulbs and will be planting them sometime this week. My girls bought some peat pots so they can start their flowers from seed.

  6. PS – Beautiful flowers! I love spring flowers as they look so cheerful after a long gray winter.

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