Git ‘Er Done Challenge


I’ve decided to join Jena’s Git ‘Er Done Challenge over at Married to the Farm.  Ed and I have been building our house since 2006, and while we do live here, there’s still a lot to be done, mostly in terms of finishing rooms with a second coat of paint or painting the baseboard.  Ed’s biggest priority is furniture, since he plans to build a dining room table, built-ins in the mudroom, end tables, a hutch, a corner cabinet… and the list goes on.  For now, our house echoes since most of the rooms are empty, and the other rooms are sparse.  I remember when our little apartment was like that, and how quickly it got crammed, so I’m in no rush to fill up our house.  My focus has moved to the outdoors, where I’m planning on putting in a berry patch, some apple trees, a small chicken coop, and a bird/bee/butterfly garden, while tending to our existing flower gardens and veggie garden. 

The latest project continues to be the pantry, but it should be done by next weekend.  Ed has completed the upper shelving and will be adding the beadboard backsplash and some pegs on the wall in the next few days, and I’ll paint the walls next Saturday.  Here are some photos of our progress.


I’ve had a lot of fun organizing my cookbooks, kitchen towels, bowls, jams, syrup and assorted farm animal figurines.  This is funny because I’m not a particulary organized person, but the shelves are so pretty that I can’t resist.


The shelves are mostly empty for now, but that’s fine with me.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures when we’re 100% done.


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6 responses to “Git ‘Er Done Challenge

  1. After a year of home remodeling (due mostly to a flood from underneath the foundation), I’ve been reorganizing like crazy. It’s been a wild year, since buying the house from the landlord a year ago January. Two new bathrooms, three bedrooms, the living room, my “garden room”, the kitchen, dining room with two walls of glass doors. We might as well have built a new house! And now we’re beginning on the yard. What a journey. I wish you luck!

  2. Your pantry looks like a great place to be in. It reminds me of the description of Laura Ingalls’ pantry in The First Four Years. I love that blue color, it really brightens it up but still looks country.

    Thanks for joining me in getting things done, I’ve really been doing more since I put my goals out for everyone to see, and it is way more fun to exchange ideas/inspiration like this!

  3. Your pantry is absolutely beautiful, Abbie! Ed’s handiwork is incredible!

    I also love the photo of you and Annabelle on the sidebar!

    I’d join Jena’s challenge, but I feel like I would be the only one responsible to “Git ‘er Done!” How do you get the guys on board?

    Perhaps Jon should try this with all the projects he has planned for his new house!

  4. Your pantry looks lovely, but then again, your entire house is beautiful Abbie. When I see the workmanship that your dad, brothers, and Ed can do, it makes me wish for my dad (he always loved to build and do home improvements). That said, my computer geek hubby is pretty handy, even if I have to show him around Home Depot now and again, lol.

  5. I’m very jealous! That is an awesome pantry!

  6. These are lovely! Can you tell me the paint color on the cabinets? Are you still loving it?

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