Victory Garden


In the last few days, our temperatures have gotten up to the high 50’s and I’ve been taking my seedlings out for some sunlight and throwing open the windows.  It feels so good to have fresh air flowing through the house, and I know the seedlings are appreciating the warm afternoon sun.

I sat outside with my plants today, my collection of seeds, a calendar and journal.  I’ve been thinking about incorporating more flowers into my vegetable garden, both as companion plants and for beauty.  I drew out my plans for the vegetable garden and chose which seeds I’ll plant this coming weekend: Johnny jump-ups, peas, lettuce, cabbage, mache, spinach, broccoli, leeks, and scallions.  I can’t wait to get my hands back in the garden soil.

Some of the raspberries that I ordered arrived today, and since they’re bare root, I need to get them into the soil soon.  Ed and I will plant them tomorrow in the spot we’ve chosen for our berry patch.

What’s going on in your garden?



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6 responses to “Victory Garden

  1. Sounds great. Fresh peas from the garden, still in the pods, are my favorite snack ever. I’ve never actually had enough left to shell and cook for dinner. I’m trying to follow a 4 way rotation in my garden so I sat down and mapped out where things will go this year. I always plan for more than I end up doing, maybe this will be the year that I get it all planted! Last year I canned a year’s supply of apples, peaches, and pears but had to buy veggies. The goal for this year is to can or freeze enough corn, peas, and green beans to get us through the year. How plans coming for your chickens now that spring has arrived?

  2. I have 6 tomato plants in. Eight more go in tomorrow. I’ve transplanted some basil and sage and planted some spaghetti squash seeds and bush bean seeds. Seeds for green peppers, cucumbers, and more bush beans will go in a couple weeks from now. VERY exciting!

    I also pulled a cabbage out today. I have one left to harvest. My onions are starting to flower so I have to start pulling them soon. Good stuff!

  3. Rob

    I got my potatoes planted, This weekend I plan on getting some peas, chard and lettuce planted- I planted shallots last week or so ago. And my tomato starts are germinating!

  4. It’s still so cold here in the NW corner of CT — my little mountain home is just beginning to thaw out. I planted spinach last month indoors and in the green house, and had very bad luck. So I think I am going to wait another few days or so to plant the rest of my seeds… I’ll have updates when I do!!

    Don’t forget to soak your raspberry roots in water overnight before you plant them.

  5. Everything’s really lush after all the rain we’ve had. It’s shorts and T-shirt weather here now. That’s East Texas for you. Tall pines and humid weather. Plants love it. I need to incorporate veggies into my flower and herb gardens!

  6. nellaboah

    I started planting my lettuce inside and they have about 3 little leaves. The problem is, they are starting to lean over, and some of the sprouts even fell right over because I guess the stem was too skinny/weak. I kept them close to the light. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I read somewhere that you have to wait until the temperature stays above 60 to put them outside. Any advice?

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