“Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet”

Tonight I was so incredibly honored to receive an award from the local League of Women Voters at their Women in History Month Celebration.  The theme of this year’s awards was “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet,” and seven different women were honored.  I got to meet really amazing women who are all working to preserve our environment. 


Here I am giving a short speech.  I spoke about the importance of being a good role model, told about what I have learned from my students,  thanked my family and my husband.  I even choked up a little at the end when I said “I would especially like to thank my students for truly believing that they can save the planet.  They lack the cynicism that often comes with age, and they give me hope for the future.”  At least that’s what I tried to say, but I’m not sure if everyone could understand.  What can I say? I’m a crier.  I get it from my mom.


Here are all of the honorees:  a local reporter who has covered environmental issues and her battle with breast cancer, an Inland Wetlands Commission member, a middle school teacher, an Earth Day celebration coordinator, a town recycling coordinator, and me.


Me and Ed with my certificate.   We were also joined by my mom (who took the pictures), Ed’s mom, my friends and colleagues Sue and Bob, and a couple of former students…


Me with my former student Kayla.  Last year, Kayla coordinated the Green Awakening Fashion Show and I supervised her project.  She was a special guest because she’s here on spring break from her year abroad in Italy.  I was honored that she’d take time off of her spring break to come see me get an award!  She also brought her boyfriend Aaron, another former student that I was happy to see again.  They gave me those roses, too.  I’ve told Kayla that when she’s a famous eco-designer, she has to give me free clothes.

I had a wonderful night!!!



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16 responses to ““Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet”

  1. Congratulations! I’m sure it will be an evening that you will remember for the rest of your life!

  2. Congratulations!

    And as a fellow crier, I totally get it. I’m pretty sure no one understood a single thing I said during the rehearsal dinner before my wedding. I also get it from my mother.

  3. Congratulations- sniff sniff. I always get so emo.
    LOL When you stand next to kayla – You look like one of your students!!!

  4. Abbie,

    You must know that your entire family is SO proud of you for all you do and what an honor for the community to recognize that! I’m so glad I could be there to share the evening with you.

    Re: Rob’s comment, I also couldn’t help thinking when you spoke so eloquently at the podium that you were by far the youngest of all honorees and could probably easily pass among that crowd as a younger student yourself. I know you’ve only just begun with making a difference for our planet and there will be LOTS more to celebrate along the way.


    Mom and Dad

  5. So cool! And from what little I’ve read so far, well-deserved! Congrats!

  6. Oh Abbie, I would have never NOT come (unless I was in Italy, then that might have been an issue)! It was so great seeing you and your mom and watching you get that award that you deserve so much. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; you and your class have been the inspiration for my future. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about recycling, or turning off the lights when I leave the room, or reading a new article. Thank YOU!

  7. Thanks for the congrats, everyone. Funny, some of you mentioned I look young… In the photo with the other honorees I think I stand out as being tall! I guess I can thank Dad for that. 🙂

  8. Sorry I’m a little late on this one. Congrats – of course!! What a great achievement. I have to share what stands out to me in those pics: I love your sense of style! I’m not sure that I could pull off the skirt but it looks so cute, and the jacket is great. Are those cowboy boots?

  9. Haha! Jena, thanks! The skirt is from Global Girlfriend, made of organic cotton by women in the developing world who are paid fair wages while learning job skills and improving their lives. I got it so long ago that I forgot where it was from, but when I checked the tag I remembered. It’s a great organization, check out their website. The top is from there, too. The denim jacket is one I’ve had for at least 8 years. I’ve had it longer than I’ve known Ed! It has holes in the elbows now but I still love it anyway 🙂 I love wearing long skirts with boots.

    The boots aren’t cowboy boots, they’re more like motorcycle boots. I got them years ago, too, at Payless. I do have a collection of cowboy boots, too, including a black high heeled pair with purple rhinestones. I’m not kidding! Haha I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them back in college, but they’re so pretty. Unfortunately, the heels are high and I almost never wear them. They look so cute with jeans, though.

  10. Yes, TALL and young . . . two things I aspire to be someday!

  11. Congratulations! You are so gawgeous. Geez.

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  13. Congratulations, Abbie. Great job with your students!

  14. Congratulations, Abbie. What a great achievement! I think it’s awesome that former students turned out to support you — that says so much. And they brought you flowers? So sweet.

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