Planting Apple Trees

Believe it or not, I’ve never planted an apple tree before, even though I grew up on an apple orchard.  Perhaps I helped when I was a little girl, since that’s when the majority of trees there were planted, but I don’t remember.  All I remember was everyone worrying that Hurricane Gloria was going to kill all of our new trees (it didn’t).  So today was a new adventure for us, when we planted six apple trees in a little area I’m calling our orchard.  I measured and staked where I wanted to plant them this morning, then Ed and I planted this afternoon.


First, we soaked the bare-root trees in a pail of water for about an hour.  This helps to “wake them up” from their dormancy.


While they soaked, Ed and I dug the holes, spacing them 15 feet apart.


We planted the trees, making sure to keep the graft union two inches above the ground.  If the graft union is under ground, it will grow roots and you’ll end up with a standard tree instead of a dwarf.


So here are our six little apple trees.  I can’t wait to see leaves on those little branches.  We planted Macoun, Empire, Jonathan, Snow Apple, Pippin and Northern Spy.

Have you begun any new gardening adventures?



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8 responses to “Planting Apple Trees

  1. My dad bought me a couple apple trees that are supposed to be ok for our region. It’ll surely be an adventure. I’m looking forward to some fruit from my own back yard!

  2. We planted three little blueberriy bushes six feet apart. Southern blueberries don’t get all that big so we edged our kithcen garden with them. I actually blogged about them yesterday and called it Spring into the Garden.(I think) I wish we had room to plant 6 apple trees 15 feet apart. You are creating a wonderful future for yourself and hubby. I’m sure you are in the process of making all your dreams come true.

  3. Timely post- I am getting ready to plant my columnar apple trees tomorrow after I get off work and out of the doctors office! In other news I did plant my first artichoke!

  4. I’m so glad you got your trees in the ground. You and Ed are creating your own future–and history!

    I believe you were only about 4 years old when Hurricane Gloria hit New England and we were quite concerned about the orchards. Do you remember it–or perhaps the aftermath? Your father and grandfather could fill you in with all the details, I’m sure.

    I know we’ve “shored” up the trees over the years when the rains and winds have sought to push them over and can remember the guys staking and cabling the trees at times.

    Our orchards have weathered many a storm and I’m sure yours will, too. Good luck!

  5. Oh, good to know about the graft union! I just bought 2 apple trees and 2 apricot trees for my mother for mother’s day — of course, they are here now and need to be planted today or tomorrow… Along with 48 hemlocks for the drivway, 24 strawberry plants, and a couple weeping weigelas!

  6. naturehills

    Not yet. Was 22 degrees here last night. I’m planting some Tophat Blueberries in a few weeks. Your apple orchard will produce lots of apples in a few years. Good Eating!

  7. Congrats! I was wondering today whether our board would let me plant some fruit bushes/trees in my back yard. We’ll see . . .

    Again, congrats on the new addition to your garden!

  8. That’s so exciting! I’ve always wanted to grow my own tree fruits. My mom wants a lemon tree so badly but we’re not sure they’ll grow in the Texas heat.

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