Spring Flowers

Sunday Stroll

The daffodil bulbs that I planted last spring are up, and a few have even started to open.  I was so happy to see those little dots of cheery yellow out the window.




What’s in bloom where you are?

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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7 responses to “Spring Flowers

  1. Wonderful yellow daffodils always give us hope, don’t they? You plant them in the fall and then HOPE that they’ll show their cheery faces next spring. How pretty!

    Our daffys haven’t opened yet and there’s not much in bloom yet. Buds are bursting and I hope to see more color soon, especially in our forsythia.

    At least the sun is peeking out today. Yesterday was downright raw, windy, and cold!

  2. I grow those same little daffodils…love them, they’re so long-lasting. Mine are showing buds now. Perhaps by my next stroll, they’ll be open like yours!

  3. Whats in bloom here? I would suppose anything that makes me sneeze. I have terrible early season allergies- always have. LOL The Scotch Broom is in great bloom at work!

  4. The daffodils are so bright and pretty, but even better than that, look at the vivid blue of that sky behind the yellow bloom in the last photo. Gorgeous!

    Spring blooming bulbs are worth every bit of effort it takes to plant them in the fall!

  5. Ah, looking at you emerging flowers makes me wonder if because of seasonal differences and the southern hemisphere going into fall—Are Daffodills always coming into bloom somewhere in the world on any given day? We all seem to love them so, it seems like anyone who has ever seen them would want to have them in their garden.
    My Daffodills are fading and only the late bloomers are showy now. Such thoughts stream through my idle mind and I ponder the curious ways of nature. You have a scientific mind, you may actually know such things.
    You asked what’s blooming here. All pretty hardy flowers that many call weeds, we have wild mustard starting to fill old fields, creeping flocks are covering rock walls and slopes. Mostly we have flowering trees in bloom.

  6. Here in Northern Virginia, daffodils seem to grow in the wild and we have so many that I’ve considered transplanting a few to my own garden (though I feel so guilty “stealing” from nature that I think I’ll probably just plant a few bulbs myself throughout the seasons).

    This week, the most stunning horticultural beauty are the blossoming cherries all around the D.C. area. I just posted a few shots. They were so beautiful.

  7. These are really beautiful daffodil shots. Today we woke up to find ours covered with… snow!

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