On the Bright Side

I’m usually an optimist, and depressing is just not my style.  Sure, times are hard, but walking outside and taking in all the beauty around me makes me smile.


More daffodils are opening.


I can imagine what this patch will look like in full bloom.


The spinach that overwintered is starting to grow again, and the bright green leaves are a welcome sight in my mostly empty garden.


A johnny jump-up that seeded itself in my flower garden.  Walking by and spotting this little guy made my day.

What simple things make you smile?



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8 responses to “On the Bright Side

  1. What makes me smile? Watching my little dog sleep 🙂

  2. It is a beautiful world that we live in isn’t it. Like Heather my dog makes me smile on a daily basis. Walking around our farm and taking in Gods beauty of the land also is my favorite.

  3. I’m glad you’re happy today – depressing is sometimes necessary but sure not fun. I love those little johnny jump-ups you have, the name is almost cuter than the plant!

    I agree that pets make me smile – watching the cat and puppy “boxing” makes me laugh out loud every time. Walking in the barn expecting to rush through chores and then lingering to watch the lambs play also makes me smile, which is a great start to the day. Walking through my house as each room improves also makes me very, very happy!

  4. These days? Realizing that the garlic I thought I dug up sprouted and I have a harvest. Finding a whole patch of violets on the side of the house. Landing the greatest new granola recipe ever! And realizing that tomorrow is my last day of work before a 3 day weekend!

  5. Love your sunny flower photos! Optimism is the way to go. My glass is always half-full, not empty, too!

    My kids make me happy–and proud, meaning YOU and your brothers . . . and my kids at school, too. Sometimes, I can be feeling SO stressed, and an eight-year-old will greet me, excitedly with “I hope our Math group is meeting today!” and I can’t help but smile and change my attitude. Youthful exuberance makes my day!

  6. Walking outside and seeing my lilacs, irises and tulips all blooming at once. Also, the western Baltimore Oriole that I saw and heard singing this morning.

  7. The things that make me smile are endless, but quickly I can think of -a childs laughter–one of their hugs–the sould of a pileated woodpecker drilling a tree, makes me think of Woody Woodpecker and his call, I always laugh. Watching the wind move through the trees–using somethiing that was my Mom’s or Dad’s.– a well worn quilt still being used. I truely could go on and on, because I’m easily amused and deeply sentimental. Delighted to read everyones comments.

  8. Rob

    My dog and I playing fetch- my cat’s attitude. When they dog and cat decide to play. Ice cream

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