Spring Break Gardening

This week is spring break and I’m planning to enjoy the time off on my vacation.  The sunny location I’m visiting is right in my own yard.  I spent today outside in the gardens, cleaning up and getting ready for the growing season.  When all the work was done, I grabbed my camera so I could post an update.


I started the day by planting  more raspberries, this time Royalty Purple, and some Chester blackberries.  The photo above shows leaves on the Heritage Red raspberries we planted about a month ago.


In the vegetable garden, the mixed baby lettuce is starting to emerge, which is the first among the many different lettuce varieties I planted.


The peas are up and stretching toward the sun.  I hope to see their tendrils wrapping around the wires before long.

I weeded and cleaned out the front and back flower gardens, as the hydrangeas, bleeding hearts and peonies are coming out of dormancy.  But the flowers already in bloom stole the show.


The daffodils are still beautiful, as more and more of them open each day.  I’m already scheming to plant more of these bulbs up around our mailbox in the fall.  The one day of planting is well worth the show in spring.


The potted pansies are still showing off, thriving with the chilly evening temperatures.


What’s going on in your gardens?


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3 responses to “Spring Break Gardening

  1. Lots! We just added another 5 raised beds (needless to say, I’m exhausted from all the hoeing and dirt hauling). But everything looks great. I still have a few winter veggies to harvest, but I have blossoms on my tomato plants, my green bean plants are growing beautifully, and in the last week I’ve put in green peppers, lettuce, chard, and collards. It’s been a busy spring.

  2. I bet you had fun in your gardens today! Unfortunately my work kept me mostly inside today (taxes and paperwork!) but I did enjoy a glorious walk around the farm. I noticed peach buds swelling, and I’ve finally got forsythia in bloom. I do have to get out and clean up my perennials, too!

  3. Wore myself out weeding on Tuesday, but my aches and pains are gone today, so I’m hoping to finish the entire garden area and maybe get some more planting in, as well.

    Strawberries are blooming, beans are 3″ high, blueberries are trying, just a few strawberry bushes have greened, volunteers abound in either the melon or cucumber departments, onions are doing well, lettuces, turnips, tomatoes and peppers planted from starts. Heirloom tomatoes and peppers are still being treated as “starter” plants, but I’m unwilling to transfer them into larger pots.

    Can’t I just transplant them into the garden? I can’t believe they did the “bigger pot” thing in “Little House on the Prairie”.

    Started some cauliflower and broccoli seeds in little pots just so I can make sure I know what they look like. I’ll be doing that with other veggies, as well. It really sucks to “weed” and pull out all the in situ seedlings by mistake.

    Peaches are growing well this year on BOTH trees. I need to add more flowers to the vegetable gardens. Marigold seeds planted a month ago only grew 2 plants. Nasturtiums grew NONE. I’ll put more seeds out after I get the weeding done again, but I might be suffering from old seed syndrome.

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