Old Fashioned Daffodils


Yesterday I snuck up the road to pick some of these daffodils from an old empty house.  I like to think that the woman who planted the bulbs years ago would be happy that I’m enjoying them.


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6 responses to “Old Fashioned Daffodils

  1. I’ve never seen daffodils quite like those. They’re lovely! And I’m sure whoever planted them would be glad to know someone is still appreciating them.

  2. I love the tinge of green in these. I bet the original planter is very happy that her flowers are bringing a smile to your face.

  3. Those daffodils are absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen any that have green outer petals like that. I don’t think there’s anything like them being sold commercially today. I’m sure the gardener who planted those would be very happy that someone is enjoying them. Besides,picking them will help them keep blooming like that in years to come.

  4. That’s such a sweet little story. I’m sure she is!

  5. keilis

    This picture made me smile. I’ve been longing to see some flowers, and they aren’t very prevalent where I am. 😦 Those are so exquisite! I especially love how the green and yellow blended together!

  6. Lulu

    These daffodils are absolutely lovely, what a treat to find them.

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