Visit to my Classroom Greenhouse

The only bad thing about having a greenhouse attached to my classroom is that I have to go in a few times over school vacations to water the plants.  Once I get there, I love to look around at all the beautiful flowers in bloom and escape from the wind and brisk temperatures outside.  Today, I focused on zinnias, sunflowers and morning glories for a dose of summer color.  Afterall, it is perpetually summer in the greenhouse. 






We’ll also start some vegetable seedlings when we go back to school next week, but for now, the greenhouse is full of the flowers my class has nurtured since January.



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5 responses to “Visit to my Classroom Greenhouse

  1. How beautiful! You know, I have started thinking about getting a small greenhouse for our townhouse so that I can grow veggies and flowers during the winter months. Your students must feel so satisfied when they walk into their greenhouse and get to see and smell the fruits of their labors: beautiful and healthy plants.

    Oh, and just to update you on our seedlings, our sunflower plants are really starting to pop up now. With your and the other gardeners’ encouragement (from Sunday Stroll), I really feel like I can do this whole growing from scratch, er seed, thing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your school greenhouse with us! Once again, your lucky students!

  3. Very cool. It must be refreshing to walk in there in the middle of a workday. I’ve said it before but again, I wish I had taken those classes in school. What great skills you’re teaching!

  4. Beautiful! I love that you have this at school!! How lucky your students are.

  5. Absolutely stunning! I miss that greenhouse and growing grass in it, ha ha.

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