Cows on the Loose

Last night, while going out to celebrate my dad’s birthday, we got a call from my uncle that the neighbor’s new cows were out and grazing in our hayfield.  He and the neighbor’s kids tried to catch them, but they’re not tame and kept running away.  When we got home, my dad and brothers went out to see if they could find the cows in the dark.  They were by the pond, in the middle of the farm, so we figured they’d be safe for the night.  Our biggest concern was that they’d run into the road and get hit by a car, hurting themselves and the people in the car.  When Ed and I left, we saw them by the road so I called to let my parents know.  They managed to scare the cows back away from the busy road and into the orchard, where they slept all night and this morning.  


Thanks to the zoom on my camera, I was able to get a good shot of them through the apple trees.  Then Nathaniel convinced me to move closer…


We went to the end of the row they were in, with them obviously watching us the whole time.  I loved the look of the red herefords on the green grass, with yellow and purple wildflowers blooming in the apple orchard.


When one of them got up, we decided that was enough pictures since we didn’t know where they’d go, and since the neighbors would be coming over to get them soon.


While there, I couldn’t help but take pictures of my other favorite animals.  Annabelle is doing well, eating constantly and getting bigger.  She doesn’t like being told what to do, which is very different since our Percheron team is so obedient.  However, they were trained as draft horses and she was just raised in a pasture, so she’s used to doing her own thing.  She gets lots of visitors who come to pet her and take pictures, but unless they bring her snacks she’s not interested.  She gobbles up the carrots and apples then goes right back to grazing.


Duke sits patiently, watching my dad work on the farm market.


As I was getting in the car to leave, I glimpsed Eddie through the split rail fence and just had to take this photo.  I think it’s my favorite from the whole morning.



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5 responses to “Cows on the Loose

  1. In Annabelle’s defense, I’m sure she’s got a lot of eating to do. I imagine the caloric requirements are hug!Taking a break from grazing for some treats is worth it, but anything else is just interfering with the task at hand. 😉

  2. Ab,

    You’ll be glad to hear as of this moment, the “rogue Herefords” are now safely back in their barn. It took a posse of roughly 20 people to herd them back. Not to say that they’ll be in their fence for long as the green grass of the orchard will probably beckon them back!

    You, “pioneer woman” you! Don’t forget that I was brought up “minding” cows. How many people know what that it?

    Love always,
    The farmer’s daughter’s mother!!!!

  3. Actually, the rogues look pretty content in the orchard, don’t they? I forgot to tell you what incredible shots you took! I also love the one of Eddie through the split rail fence!

  4. Rob

    Those hussies! Loose Cows have no morals!
    Good pics of Eddie and Duke and of cpurse Annabelle

  5. Very good pics. I agree, it almost makes it seem like you got a new camera. You must be getting really good at using it, the pictures are stunning!

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