Sunday Stroll

Our daffodils are now in full bloom.  There are many different varieties, but since I just ordered a mix for naturalizing, I don’t know their names.  The yellows, oranges, whites, and even peaches create a sunny sea of color.









To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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6 responses to “Narcissus

  1. Rob

    I am not narcissitc… don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… what? oh narcissus. never mind.

  2. What beautiful colors! Spring surely is blooming in your yard!

    Rob–we know you’re not narcissistic!

  3. Oh I need all that sunny yellow on this rainy day! A few of my daffodils are blooming, but not nearly this variety. A few more sunny days should do the trick! So glad you strolled!

  4. You got me with the all white long trumpeted daffy. I have a small variety, but this fall I need to find the more exotic lookers to plant. Very nice pictures.

  5. I’ve always especially liked the ones with the yellow centers.

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