Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh…

Today in my environmental science class, I was lecturing on ozone depletion, CFC’s, UV, and the Montreal Protocol.  The majority of students were looking at me as I spoke, pen in hand, occasionally glancing down at their notebooks.

I had walked behind my desk for some reason, even though I use my remote to progress through the PowerPoint slides.  I walked to the left and realized that my foot had gotten tangled in the laptop power cord.  Instead of jerking my leg to free my foot and taking the risk of pulling the computer onto the floor, I instead tried to pause to untangle it.  However, my understanding of momentum should have made me realize that my body would keep moving, even though my feet had stopped.

Next thing I knew, I was on the floor.  I heard students gasp as I fell down, but I landed behind my desk and I couldn’t see them.  For a moment I wondered if I should even get up, or if I could just hide behind my desk for the rest of class. 

I slowly got up, peeking over my desk at my class.  They were all staring at me.  I quickly said “Well, at least the computer didn’t fall!” as I felt my face turning red.  Then I added: “Is that the first time I’ve fallen in your class?”

Still in shock, my students said “Yes…”

“Well,” I replied, “it probably won’t be the last.”

Everyone erupted in laughter, including me.


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4 responses to “Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh…

  1. That’s what makes you human . . . and a real person for your students! Thanks for the laugh! Not everyone has the ability to laugh at themselves, but it’s a talent!

  2. I am laughing too, but I’m glad you’re okay! It was the part about peeking out and possibly staying hidden that was too much!

  3. Too funny. I must admit that you handled it rather gracefully. Except for that falling part.

  4. Mom- There was nothing else to do but laugh.

    Jena- I really just wanted to stay under my desk for a while… but “If you fall get right back on… cowgirls don’t cry!”

    CC- Nobody has ever accused me of being graceful before!

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