Puppy Dog Eyes

While my mom’s in Washington D.C. for a math teacher’s conference, we got to have my dad, brothers, and Duke over for supper last night.  When I saw Dukie sprawled out on the floor, I grabbed my camera and got right down with him.  It was so cute because his eyes told me exactly what he was thinking.  In both my and Ed’s families, the dogs talk.  They have their own voices, and they say what’s on their mind.  Here are some examples…


Are you going to pet me? Oh, you have the camera again.  Great! Now I’ll be on the blob! (He calls the blog a blob.)


Maybe if I just ignore her she’ll go away.


This is getting annoying! Do I have to get up and walk away?


Maybe I’ll just go to sleep instead.  Then he took in a breath and let out a big sigh.  Dukie does that sometimes when he’s tired or tired of being bothered.

Do your dogs talk to you?



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7 responses to “Puppy Dog Eyes

  1. Hi Abbie and Dukie,

    I miss you! I’ll be home tonight to see everyone! How nice that you had the guys to dinner!

    Of course you know that BOTH of our dogs talk! They usually say the things that other people are thinking but wouldn’t dare say out loud!


  2. Lol! Our dogs talk to us all the time. It is hilarious. We have two big dog beds and three dogs so someone has to share every night. Whoever gets left out will stare at us in bed and whine or groan until we finally get up and make another dog share with them. They drive me crazy sometimes but they’re definitely a big part of our family!

  3. Vito has a grumbly, gravely voice that Matt and I made up. He isn’t the brightest dog in the world so he usually says the funniest things. Mostly about food. Or belly scratches.
    Nunzio often sounds bored. She is so intelligent that I feel she out-thinks me from time to time.

    Both dogs have their own distinct voice, personality and attitude. I’m anxious to see how they interact with Liam when he gets here! And what voice Liam will hear from them in his own mind!

  4. Rob

    Of course Romeo talks. Usually I like treats or Let’s play! Or when he eats cimpost out of the garden- Jeeze that’s good!

  5. Goldies are the best! I adore my two. 🙂

  6. What a poor dog, being pestered like that. Angel would never put up with it. She’d just go right to sleep.

    Her funniest moments are when she’s looking for kitties out “her window”. When we come in from the yard, she runs to the window. “Gotta check for kitties!” When we ask if she wants to go for a walk, she dashes by the window first for a quick check. If we take too long getting ready to put the harness on her, she’ll sneak away for another look out the window. Cracks us up.

  7. Susan

    Your dog’s attitude towards the camera reminds me of my cat, Max. He too, gets that ‘look’ that says, Oh no! Not the camera again. He studiously ignores me after the 3rd or 4th photo, hoping I’ll give up. Of course, I still take lots of photos of him. I think he’s just resigned to the fact now. :0)

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