Annabelle Update

Today was our opening day at the farm market, and Annabelle loved all the attention she got.  She’s alone in the petting zoo right now, while the boys improve and expand the horse pasture.  That means every visitor to the farm had only her to visit with, since the goats, llamas, sheep, and mini-horse are still in their winter barn.


Patrons line up for the first taste of frozen custard since last season.  After they get their ice cream, they can sit and relax or go visit Annabelle.


This is the same horse pen that Bill and Vinny, our Dapple-Gray Percheron team, have always visited, but they’re getting a new fence this year and Annabelle will join them.


Duke rests in the shade by the work trailer.  This is one of the only times he’s tied while on the farm, since they were working closer to the busy road.  We also saw a dead coyote nearby, that had probably been hit by a car, covered in maggots.  I decided not to take a picture of it.


My dad, brother, and uncle putting in one of the new fence posts.


My brothers and dad setting in the fence post.


My grandfather, dad, uncle and brothers all worked together on the new fence.  I love this picture of them under the old sugar maple.


Of course, I spent some time visiting Annabelle while I was there.  My mom was there with her camera, so you can come along for the visit through her photos.  Here, Annabelle has noticed that I have a sliced apple to feed to her.


She loves apples, but I slice them up to make them last longer.  She’s always focused on eating and will often take off after you run out of food.  We wonder if she’ll continue to do this after she has the foal, or if she won’t be so ravenous when she’s only eating for one again.


I’ve learned to hide the pieces behind my back so she doesn’t gobble them all up too quickly.  She knows I have them but endulges me in a few pets anyway.


It was a pretty nice Saturday.  The sweet ending will be the fresh-baked apple pie and vanilla frozen custard from the farm market that we’ve been longing for all winter.  I’m so happy we’re open again!  If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by!  Visit the Rose Orchards Farm Market blog for more details.



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10 responses to “Annabelle Update

  1. Congratulations on the opening of your market. How exciting! Those flowers in the first pic look absolutely gorgeous too!

  2. I became more ravenous after my babies were born, when I was nursing. It makes sense – the babies are bigger, and the calorie transfer is a little less efficient. So Annabelle might not change until the foal is weaned (though horses could be different from people, I suppose).

  3. Jon

    ab youll be happy to know that we got everything done with the fence except the top wire, so we are going to do that tomorrow morning. Feel free to bring coffee for us, the order is as follows: one regular, one black, two milk, one tea, three sodas, and assorted donuts. Thanks so much!!! P.S. dukie and eddie would each like a bacon egg and cheese croissant with fresh cold water.

  4. Lol it sounds like you’re busy this morning!

    The farm looks great, sounds like Annabelle has you twirled right around her pinky. Err, her hoof.

  5. Aunt Sara

    Looks like Jon forgot to include me. I take my coffee black.

  6. What a pretty horse! I wish I lived closer to you guys. 🙂

  7. You know, I have to say that we are so honored that you all named your horse Annabelle. I’m not sure that you heard the name from our Annabelle because I know the name has been around at least as long as Edgar Allen Poe’s poem of the same name (and different spelling, I believe), but nonetheless, I think it’s pretty neat that our two lovely gals share the same name.

    • We love the name! We actually were thinking of “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast, but then my dad thought of Annabelle. We met a baby buffalo named Annabelle in Colorado and have loved the name ever since.

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