What I’ve been working on…

In addition to getting ready for the AP Exam next week, visiting the wastewater (sewage) treatment plant three days last week, going on a trip to release salmon with a few of my students and a bunch of sixth graders today… I’ve been writing my final paper for my Long Island Sound: Environmental Perspectives course.  It’s about 17 pages long (with pictures) and titled “Moon Snail Predation on Farm-Raised Hard-Shell Clams: Effective Management.”  I was trying to figure out how to upload it but it’s not working, so lucky you, you won’t have to read it!



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4 responses to “What I’ve been working on…

  1. Awwww. I wanna read it!

  2. I’m with Rob. Any possibility you can upload it? You must have released the salmon in the rain, but I bet they didn’t mind! How ’bout you and your students?

    Sounds like almost-end-of-the-schoolyear craziness! Good luck surviving it! Summer is ahead . . .

  3. You are busy! I think this is a crazy time of year for most people. I have so many projects going, I should just settle down and finish something. Oh well, we’ll all be back to blogging soon I’m sure. Enjoy your night.

  4. Interesting…last summer when clamming (East End of LI, NY) we found several live moon snails–late in the season. I was excited to show my kids, but wondering if that had anything to do with the difficulty finding clams in a usually productive spot. Frankly, I’d never seen a live one before in my whole life…only empty, broken shells. I’d love to read this study.

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