Thank You, Ed!

These past few weeks have been tough ones, simply because I’ve been so busy.  The laundry has piled up, the grocery shopping got put on hold, weeds have grown in the garden, and dust has collected.  All of those things that I usually do have fallen through the cracks as I turn my attention toward my work and my education.  I’ve been organizing, planning, emailing, calling, counting, carting, photographing, writing, and correcting.  I find myself longing for some time to do something mindless.  My mind races with all the things I have to do, and lists just make it worse because I know I won’ t be able to get it all done.  When I do steal a few minutes for myself to blog or take a bath or go to bed early, I find myself thinking about all the things that I should be doing instead.

And all the while, Ed has been supportive.  I worry that he’ll get angry I’ve dropped some of my usual responsibilities, while he’s been spending more and more time preparing for the upcoming clamming season.  He and his brother are out on the boat now, digging clams for some orders tomorrow.  But even though he’s been busy, he’s been taking time to make things easier for me.  Picking up Chinese food as I type the bibliography for my almost done paper; making the bed as I race around in the morning; asking me if I need money for lunch, since I haven’t been to the store and there’s nothing to pack; reminding me that he knows I’ve been busy when I appologize that we’re pretty much out of toothpaste; helping me cook supper and setting the table; doing the dishes while I’m at class; and giving me a hug when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

If I had it all to do on my own, I’m not sure I could.  I know that the garden, house, and work are all important, but it always seems that work and school are on the top of my priority list, and when time is tight I let the others slide.  I’m just so happy that Ed’s here to share the burden with me and anticipate the help I’ll need, sometimes before I realize how stressed I am. 

And so, when I got some time to go to the grocery store this afternoon, I splurged.  I picked up a couple of rib-eye steaks, the first beef I’ve bought at the grocery store in months (instead using the cuts in our freezer), and I’m making him his favorite manly steak and potatoes for supper.  Perhaps I’ll even change out of my “Science Teachers Make a World of Difference” denim shirt that he hates so much.

It’s these little things that make us appreciate each other.  As we approach five years of marriage (June 26th is our anniversary), I love Ed more than ever.



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8 responses to “Thank You, Ed!

  1. Ed sounds like good people to me!

  2. Marie

    Wow Ab, that was really nice, I guess we did a good job after all!
    He really appreciates all that you do as well and feels the same way about you. He tells me so!!!!
    Enjoy your evening!
    Mom Marie

  3. Awww… I feel you on the stress levels! Matt made dinner tonight and cleaned up the kitchen despite his work schedule being as stressful as it is. I’m making stroganoff tomorrow night as my thank you!

  4. It is great to hear that you are both so supportive of each other. That will take you far in life, I’m sure.

  5. No fair! I need an Ed, too!

    Isn’t it funny that we, as women, feel all of those responsibilities are “ours,” even though both partners are working fulltime?

    Our work/school demands sound pretty familiar right now, but just think. . . summer is on the way!

    Happy Early Anniversary!

  6. What a great post – you are both very lucky!

  7. You are truly blessed. I have one of those guys–going on 20 years. Not many of them out there. Keep doing what you are doing. Acknowledge him, praise him in front of others, and adore him, and he will always be yours. You are quite young to have this figured out. My congratulations to you and him. Best of luck surviving this (and future) stressful times. You will both be proud of your accomplishments.

  8. Aw, 🙂 You sound busy lady, and thank goodness you’ve been blessed with a hubby who’s willing to help. Hang in there. You will be able to get it all done. Just take it one step at a time.

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