Two Toms

Every night this week, we’ve seen a bunch of wild turkeys outside our back window.  There are two Toms and a big group of females.

two toms 011

We wonder if any of these turkeys are the chicks we saw last year.

two toms 014

We can’t wait to see all the little ones this summer.

What wildlife are you seeing at your house?



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15 responses to “Two Toms

  1. Definitely nothing as exciting as this! But I am enjoying watching some cardinals raise ther family in our backyard tree.

  2. You positive you aint been drinking the wild turkey? Those look like pictures of the pilgrims turkeys!

  3. Jenn

    Hello. My name is Jenn, and this is going to be a weird comment.
    I was randomly searching the web for blogs about being eco-friendly and organic, as for the past year I have been trying really hard to live that lifestyle.
    I came across your blog, and of all the places in the entire world that your blog could be from, it turns out that I live literally right down the street from your family farm, and shop there all the time! I made the connection because of Annabelle. I wave to her everytime I see her as I drive by the farm, and then your photos of her on my this newly discovered blog made me realize she is the same horse!! Funny how things happen. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog and find it very inspiring for my newly green, and organic lifestyle. I’m sure I will be at Rose’s soon for some fresh produce. Happy blogging!
    ~Critters on my property~
    I have a family of chipmunks in my stone wall, as well as a birds nest with tiny eggs living in my bird house. We also have wild bunnies, which my dogs always scare off. We have 4 dogs that can be counted as wildlife because one looks like a grizzley bear. But the best sight of all is our 2 hummingbirds that come to visit us every year. A male and female come for the whole summer to my potted hybiscus plants. We are having a naming contest this spring. No wild turkeys yet, but that would be so exciting. Keep inspiring us newbie green girls.

    • Hi, Jenn! Nice to meet you. How funny, what a small world!

      My mom and I actually write a blog for the farm, which you can check out at:

      I won’t be at the farm a whole lot this summer, since I’m taking classes. But who knows? Maybe we’ll run into eachother there, or somewhere else in town.

    • Jenn,

      Speaking of a naming contest, we’re thinking of doing that at Rose Orchards’ for Annabelle’s new baby! We’d love to hear the ideas of our customers!

      How funny that you are right down the street from our farm. So nice to “meet” you!

      “Everydaywoman,” aka the Farmer’s Daughter’s Mother!

      • Jenn

        This whole blog world is so new to me, but so fun and fantastic!! I always liked the name Cyrus for a male horse. Then I wanted to name my horse Massimo, but since I still don’t have my horse yet, I decided to name my Weimaraner Massimo instead. I think Olive is cute for a female horse. If I think of any better ones I’ll send you more. 🙂

  4. Ab,

    Those Tom Turkeys’ tailfeathers are magnificent! They do look like the “Pilgrim” turkeys!

    We’ve been hearing coyotes every night–actually early morning around 3 am–in the middle of a crazy, noisy feeding frenzy in the orchard. Of course, they wake up Eddie and Duke, who join in the howling.

  5. Jenn

    So nice to meet you too. The even funnier part is that when we bought our house, our neighbor said that your family built my house in the 60’s. Now that is a really small world, Its so fun to watch the boys put the tin buckets along the mapel trees for the sap.
    I will definately check out your other blog that you write with your mom from the farm. If it is nice out this weekend, I think I’m going to visit the animals. They are so sweet and just make me happy petting them.
    I know how you feel about taking classes. I just finished my masters degree last May.
    My 4 little monster dogs (2 german shepherds and 2 weimaraners) are beginning to get the run of the house tonight , I have to nip this one in the bud or I’ll never sleep tonight. Yep, I have my hands very full. Hope to run into you at the farm or in town. I am going to try to go to all of the farmers markets this summer. I can’t wait!!
    You sound like a really great person to get to know. Again, thanks for all the positive inspiration.

  6. Those are some handsome fellows, strutting their stuff. We have 3 squirrels at work that sit near the driveway every morning and welcome us. At home we have a morning dove nesting on the little red shed, and the other day their was a baby sitting up there! It was not at all like a baby robin and just sat quietly like his mama. That’s about it for us. There are a few rabbits but the dogs mostly eat or scare away everything on the ground.

  7. The only wildlife I see around my “wildlife sactuary” is the neighbors kids. Wild ones those are- 2 little girls and a boy”Andrew…I feel sorry for andrew He lives in that house sourrounded by all those females! Not that I have anything agaisnt females- Just sayin’

  8. Annabelle’s baby should be named Baby Belle, like the cheese!

  9. I go to bed and look at all the comments that come flying in!

    I’m pulling for Jake if it’s a boy. Not sure about a girl’s name yet. It’ll have to be something that goes with Annabelle.

    Draft horse names are usually one syllable, but obviously we didn’t follow that rule with Annabelle.

    But our other teams were Bob and Duke, and the percherons we have now are Bill and Vinny.

    I still think we have to see if the horse is solid or spotted. If it’s a spotted female, I like Gypsy for a name.

  10. Marie

    Hi Ab
    How about “Bella” means beautiful in Italian, hahahaha, do they have draft horses in Italy, oh well , I think Bella is cute!
    Great shots of the turkeys, they are quite striking!

  11. That is just freakin’ awesome!

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