Buds and Anticipation

Sunday Stroll

So many leaves have popped since the last time I had a chance to post a Sunday Stroll, so this is a long one!  While I’ve got a few flowers, there are many more buds yet to open and I’m impatiently awaiting the show they’ll put on in June.

sunday stroll 002

sunday stroll 032

The bleeding hearts are taking over the partially shaded back garden, even after I pruned them back and picked a bunch of the flowers yesterday.  Believe it or not, this is only their second year in bloom.

sunday stroll 031

Buds on the blue lace-cap hydrangea in the back garden.  This will be the first of my many hydrangeas to bloom.

sunday stroll 026

The peony in the front flower garden has a bunch of buds, and I can’t wait to see those big pink blooms.

sunday stroll 007

Our one and only apple blossom.  I’m surprised that the Jonathan tree got a blossom so soon after we planted it, but I’m happy to report that all six trees are alive.  I don’t expect an apple this year because there’s no other flower to pollinate it.  Unless, of course, a bee makes her way from my parent’s orchard a few minutes away. 

sunday stroll 011

The mixed baby lettuce is doing well.

sunday stroll 012

The spinach that overwintered is ready to pick.

sunday stroll 014

The peas have started to climb up their wire supports.

sunday stroll 016

One of the heritage red raspberries in our brand new berry patch.

sunday stroll 018

Some wildflowers in the neighboring hayfield.

sunday stroll 023

Our two sugar maples that we planted last fall survived the winter and are full of bright green leaves.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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7 responses to “Buds and Anticipation

  1. We’re both growing the heritage red raspberries! I can’t wait to taste them, although I don’t expect any berries this year. My Mom has been growing that variety and she’s been very happy with them. Do you plan to collect the sap from your sugar maples, or do you just like the look of them? You would probably have to combine that with all the other sap to be worth using right? We have a lot of maple trees but I guess I don’t know much about them or what kind they are.

  2. I love how beautifully your spinach came back in this spring. I can tell where mine was… there are a few puny leaves… but I will definitely have to replant some new fresh spinach soon.

    My peonies are in bud too, but it seems so early for them. Maybe they are slow to go from bud to blossom. I can’t remember. That is why gardening is new every year!

    I really enjoyed your photos. Thank you for sharing your springtime!

  3. Jon

    I’m not surprised that your Jonathan tree is the only one to have a blossom, everyone knows that they are the best and smartest apples around!!!!

  4. Pretty flowers, yummy vegies. I really appreicate the effort that went into developing each to the stage they are now,. Your delight in your garden shows.

  5. I’m so jealous of those of you who live in a place where you can get maple syrup locally. It’s one of the foods that I just have to import, because I love it so much. 🙂

  6. Wow! Your gardens are really growing and progressing nicely! I just know you’ll have a bountiful harvest!!!

  7. The gardens look amazing! You are so far ahead of me in my climate. I love the white bleeding heart. I did not think mine had made it, but finally it did appear so I am once again happy.

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