Grilled Little Neck Clams

Ed and his brother spent Friday afternoon out on the water and they harvested the first of this year’s farm-raised clams.

first clams 003

Ed’s favorite way to eat clams is on the grill.  This recipe is so easy.  You just preheat the grill with a medium flame.  When it’s hot, you lay the clams on the grates.

first clams 010

Close the lid of the grill, but check them often.  As soon as they begin to open, they’re done.

first clams 009

Remove to a plate, let them cool slightly, and serve plain or with cocktail sauce. 

first clams 002

Little neck clams are hard-shell clams, or quahogs (pronounced “co-hogs”).  Larger quahogs are used to make stuffed clams or chowder, while the little ones are great for eating grilled or raw.  They’re a different species than steamers, which are soft-shell clams.



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4 responses to “Grilled Little Neck Clams

  1. Andy

    Looks good Ed – I’m in the ‘GreenShell’ mussel industry in New Zealand and that’s exactly how we like our mussels.
    Pity we’re too far apart for s trade?

  2. Rob


  3. ctdaffodil

    Ohh Yummy – Summer is coming!!! Ask Ed if he has ever soaked them in beer before grilling them – I’ve heard thats good too –

  4. Andy

    another yummy is to place thawed half-shell mussels on the bbq with a blob of garlic butter in each (with some corriander is a twist)
    frozen half-shell GreenShell mussels are exported to Nth America. See if u can find some??

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