A New Calf

I was lucky enough today to get to go with my dad and brother to pick up a new calf for the farm’s collection of animals.

new calf 004

He’s a week-old Brown Swiss from a neighboring dairy farm.

new calf 010

Are you my new family?

new calf 021

Nate carries the calf to his new pen on the farm.  He’ll live in a private pen for a little while until he can go with the other animals.  Duke’s curious about him.

new calf 029

Maybe we can be friends!

new calf 031

Or maybe I’ll just watch from a distance for a while.

new calf 042

He’s very soft and a little timid.

new calf 043

And hungry!

new calf 054

My dad worked on teaching him to drink from a pail.

He needs a name.  Any ideas?



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9 responses to “A New Calf

  1. He is so adorable!! Aww. I’m not sure about a name but he looks a lot like a little baby deer. Maybe Buck? Lol.

  2. He is SO cute and already he definitely seems smarter than our last Brown Swiss! You’ve really captured him nicely in these pix!

    Are you willing to use your favorite name, “Jake,” or are you saving that for Annabelle’s baby, in case it’s male?

    He is very light in color, so maybe a name that reflects that. I like Jena’s “Buck” . . . . it’s almost like he’s a “lamb calf!”

  3. He’s adorable!!!!

  4. Isn’t there a minimum “nursing period” where calves must stay with their moms before adoption? If he learns to drink from a pail, isn’t he still going to want to suck on something?

    • Oldnovice- He learns to drink by sucking on your fingers in the milk. It’s how we teach him to learn from a pail. After that, he’ll suck on fingers of people he thinks of as his mom.

      Many dairies will separate mom and calf immediately, but they should nurse at least once first. Remember, the dairies want the milk, too.

      Both my parents were raised on dairy farms, so I trust their experience. This little guy would probably be sold at auction and eaten, so we’re happy to save his life for at least a year.

  5. Oh…. so cute! I love those pictures! He actually looks soft. If he were mine, I’d name him Oliver. Oliver because his eyes remind me of the little boy who played Oliver in the stage version of Oliver Twist I once saw. So sweet!

  6. ctdaffodil

    Abby –
    Wanted to let you know – Chester CT is having an EcoFestival….June 6th. Its a combo Eco & Arts fest should be loads of fun!!!

  7. How about “T-Bone” seems like a good name for a bull calf. Or porterhouse. As you can tell I have a sick mind. Of course my aunt use to name her pigs after family members. And yes there was a little “Rob” in the pig pen

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