Cool, Rainy Weather

Sunday Stroll

haircut and stroll 009

The weeks of rain have left our lawn and trees a vibrant shade of green.

haircut and stroll 015

Buds on the wild dame’s rocket along the boundary of the woods.

haircut and stroll 028

The pansies have loved the cool, rainy days.

haircut and stroll 034

These pansies are my favorite.

haircut and stroll 038

The first rose bud.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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5 responses to “Cool, Rainy Weather

  1. Wow! The rain has really helped everything green up nicely. The pansies are still beautiful! I hear there may be a chance of frost tonight–unbelievable!

  2. The pansies in the basket are so adorable! I’m hoping to get out and buy some new pansies for pots next weekend… in the meantime, a few are coming up in the gardens from last year’s pansies.

    Wow! A rosebud already. How wonderfully the season progresses!

  3. I love the lime green-ness of spring. Your pansies are just glorious.

  4. I love the pansies. It looks like your trees have a jump on mine. The leaves are out on yours.

  5. Joy

    The pops of color makes it seem like its in a dream!

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